The Brief History Of Burlingame

Burlingame, CA Train Station

The Gold Rush and Statehood shortly thereafter in 1850, brought a booming economy to San Francisco. Wealthy San Franciscans built country homes in the area: William Davis, Merry Howard and his wife Agnes Poett, William Ralston, founder of Bank of California.

Anson Burlingame, Lincoln’s first ambassador to China, visited Ralston’s “Belmont” estate and was enchanted with the area. He purchased 1,000 acres of what are now Burlingame and Hillsborough. His desire was to build an “ideal community.”

The Burlingame Railroad station, which housed the first post office, was built in 1894.

Other highlights include: construction of the mansions of the era: Uplands (now Crystal Springs Uplands School; Carolands (also known as Chateau Remillard) and the Newhall home.

In 1908, the Women’s Club pushed for incorporation of the city. In 1910, to avoid annexation, Hillsborough incorporated. By 1920, the population was 4,000.

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