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This is our first true “blog“. Since is just starting and many of you have never met us before. I figure it would be a good time to introduce ourselves, so you can all get to know the team a little better.


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  1. brendan aiello

    Hi, my name is Brendan Aiello and I’m the Administrative Assistant/Marketing Director for Team Tapper. I was born and raised here on the Peninsula and I have been surrounded by real estate my whole life. My family is comprised of real estate professionals, property managers and housing contractors. I have always wanted to follow in my family’s footsteps and be involved in local [Peninsula] real estate. Living in a very tech-savvy area of the country has influenced me to become involved with computers from an early age. I’m lucky to have found my own niche in the real estate industry that interests me– the technology behind real estate sales. Keeping Team Tapper up-to-date and always on the frontier of effective marketing has been very benificial to our success. I am currently finishing up my bachleors degree at San Francisco State University, majoring in marketing. Working with Team Tapper over the past 3 years has been a fantastic experience and I love my job!

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    Mac McCarthy

    Hello, my name is Mac McCarthy and I have lived in San Mateo for over twenty years. I grew up and still live in the Parkside area. I have been in sales since I was eleven years old. No, I wasn’t selling lemonade; I was delivering the San Mateo Times to over seventy homes. While making collections at the end of each of month, I found myself understanding the value of service. This value only grew while attending college and working at Nordstrom. In my years at Nordstrom I realized that going the extra mile for a client, was not something special, but rather an expectation.

    I also realized that no matter what the business people want value for their money. That is why I have teamed up with San Mateo Cashin’s top producer, Dave Tapper. Together we provide our clients with the value of having two agents, which work together to provide clients with the utmost satisfaction.

    In today’s competitive market everybody knows an agent, but is that agent going to treat your money like their own? Are they going make sure that all your goals and expectations are met? I know we will. So, when the time comes to buy or sell a home do not hesitate to schedule an appointment where we can explain the advantages of working with a team.

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    Lisa Karson

    Hi There,
    My name is Lisa Karson. As a Cashin Company Realtor, I rely on my experience as a lifelong peninsula resident to help my clients in a variety of real estate transactions. Other than being a full-time realtor; I am a caring, loving, and hardworking mother of two beautiful daughters. My family currently lives in Burlingame Park. Being a Burlingame mother also has helped me understand many different neighborhoods of Burlingame as well as the San Mateo County public & private school systems. I love working for team tapper because we all have a diverse range of skills and knowledge, together I feel we provide an incomparable level of service and expertise.

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    Andrew Lujan

    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Andrew Lujan. I was born and raised here on the peninsula. I am a graduate of U.C. Santa Barbara and for the past few years I have dedicated myself to the Real Estate Industry. I came from a family of contractors which enabled me to see homes built from the ground up. This aids me in my current real estate career because I am able to read blueprints and disclosures very thoroughly. I am a natural salesman who is also very professional, structured, and organized which enables me to be successful in this business.

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    Femarie Tapper

    My goal is to make Buying and Selling properties for my clients as financially beneficial and hassle free as possible, especially in this volatile market.

    Through my experiences, I know that being accessible is of the utmost importance. Therefore, I pride myself on being available to you 24/7, to answer all your questions and to ease you through the experience, and guarantee you peace of mind.

    Whether you are hoping to Buy,Sell, Lease or do a 1031 exchange, I very much look forward to working with you.

    Femarie “FAY” Tapper
    The Rental Queen

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