10 Tips for Increasing Your Dog’s Comfort at Home

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We recently shared some tips with Redfin in an article they published about Apartment Patio Ideas for Dogs, and this got us thinking about the ways we create comfort in our homes, yards and smaller spaces, for our dogs. 

Dog Running In Yard
(photo: fido)


  1. Be sure that your yard, patio, deck, balcony is a safe place for your pet to be.
  • Remove any hazardous plants/flowers. And replace with dog-safe options.
  • Make sure your fencing or railing doesn’t have any holes through which your dog could escape or get trapped/hurt. 


  1. Invest in dog beds that are waterproof if used outdoors, or washable if used indoors. 


  1. Clean up after your dog, and keep their potty area as clean as possible. Many dog behavior issues are linked to their living condition and no one wants to live in filth. There are wonderful services out there that come and clean for you on a regular basis; Doody Calls is a favorite.


  1. Thinking of replacing your carpet? There are many alternatives to carpet that are more dog-friendly, easier to keep clean and still cost-effective; like laminate, tile or vinyl. Something that we have adopted in our home are rugs from Ruggable. These are soft, easy to wash in your own home washing machine and very durable.
  2. Take your dog for some exercise! It’s proven that happy dogs are those who have a chance to run and get some energy out. The Peninsula Humane Society put together this great Map of Local Dog Parks.


  1. Provide shade and shelter from the elements. When your dog is outside and it’s hot or cold, you want them to be able to tuck away somewhere that’s safe, dry and moderate in temperature. Or, you can even find a dog bed with a canopy


  1. When purchasing human furniture, be sure to select covers that are washable. This makes sharing with your pet a bit easier. Sunbrella makes a line of Indoor Fabrics that are great for dogs (and kids!).


  1. Upgrade your dog’s water and food dishes. Automatic water dishes and food dispensers are sometimes the way to go when your dog is on a strict schedule and you cannot make it home in time. The team at Petlibro has brought this to a new level, a system controlled by your smartphone!


  1. This might be more for your comfort and convenience as a dog owner, but  it’s important none the less! Anyone with a dog knows that dry food bought in bulk is more cost-effective. But where do you store that giant bag without it going stale or smelling? This is our favorite air-tight solution from Gamma2.


  1. If you have a dog with long hair or one who sheds frequently, you must be a pro with the vacuum. It’s basically a twice-daily chore when you have a labrador. Good Housekeeping gives a great list of pet-specific vacuums that are up to the task.


As we shared with Redfin in their excellent article here, gone are the days of Fido not living his best life! 

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