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Millbrae, CA is a uniquely charming place to live. Cradled amidst hills that separate the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco Bay, this city’s scenic setting, beautiful weather, and great connectivity make Millbrae a desirable location to settle in.

If you are considering living in Millbrae, CA, you might wonder if it has excellent schools, nearby parks and trails, and convenient access to restaurants, hospitals, etc. There are many factors to consider when looking for an area to move to.

Whether you’re a young professional looking for a place to live that’s near your workplace, a family looking for a safe neighborhood with convenient access to quality education, or a retiree that wants to enjoy their golden years in a relaxing community with various recreational amenities, there’s at least one neighborhood in Millbrae for you.

This article details all the different Millbrae neighborhoods that offer the ideal lifestyle for different types of prospective residents. Read on to know which one is the best place for you.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Millbrae, CA for Young Families?

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Millbrae, CA for Young Families?

Is Millbrae, CA safe? Does it have good schools? Are there parks in the area? These are some common questions couples ask when looking for a good place to raise their family. Here are some of the best neighborhoods that provide these and more.

Lomita Hills is a vibrant town that provides plenty of amenities for households with young children, like parks designed specifically for biking and hiking, playgrounds, daycare centers, and highly rated pre-schools.

Some parks and playgrounds in Lomita Hills, CA include Eastview Park, Twinkle Twinkle Kids Cafe, and Ernie Howlett Park. These spots provide great recreational facilities for kids as well as adults.

This town is home to highly rated public schools, including Cornerstone at Pedregal Elementary School, Dapplegray Elementary School, and Citizens of the World Charter School Hollywood, which are among 15 A+/A rated public elementary schools in the district.

In terms of public middle schools, Miraleste Intermediate School, Goethe International Charter School, and WISH Community School are among the 14 A+/A rated schools in the district. Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy, High Tech Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies are among 14 A+/A rated public high schools in the neighborhood.

There are plenty of childcare options for young families, including Little Lamb’s Preschool, Covey Family Child Care, Jump Bunch, and Launch Preschool.

Millbrae Meadows is a peaceful neighborhood that offers the serenity of countryside living while providing convenient access to urban amenities, such as retail stores, dining facilities, and other establishments for fun and leisure at Burlingame’s Broadway commercial center.

This suburb is known for its excellent school system. There are two A+/A/A- rated public elementary schools, two C and higher-rated public middle schools, and two A+/A/A- rated public high schools in the district.

Families can enjoy the outdoors in parks and playgrounds in Millbrae Meadows, including Junipero Serra County Park, Crestmoor Sports Fields, and 7th Avenue Park. For households with small kids, there are good daycare centers in the area, including Bell Air Family Day Care, JEI Learning Center, The Bird’s Nest, and Crayon College.

Mills Estate is a high-end residential neighborhood known for its large, remarkable residences perfect for large families. Located in the hills at the border between Millbrae and Burlingame, Mills Estate offers breathtaking views and landscapes of San Francisco Bay.

Some of the parks and playgrounds in the area where families can enjoy picnics and outdoor games include Millbrae Community Playground, Cuernavaca Park, and Lion Bill Mitchell Park. Parents who need childcare have these options: Creative Stars Child Care, and Danielle’s Daycare.

There are two A+/A rated public elementary schools in the district. The Burlingame Intermediate School is among two A+/A/A- rated public middle schools in the district and the Burlingame High School and Mills High School are among the reputable high schools in the community.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Millbrae, CA for Retirees?

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Millbrae, CA for Retirees?

A quiet community that provides convenient access to various amenities, such as leisure clubs, where one can enjoy an active lifestyle and stay healthy. These are factors that retirees look for when considering relocation. Here are some of our recommended neighborhoods.

Named after the Greenhills Country Club, which was conceived and developed by the legendary golf course architect Dr. Alister MacKenzie, Greenhills offers the perfect home to retirees who are looking to live in a quiet, laid-back community.

Aside from the impressive 18-hole golf course, the Greenhills Country Club also features sports and fitness centers and a heated swimming pool. Furthermore, there are events held at the club to promote a harmonious relationship among the residents.

Established in the late 1940s, Lomita Hills is relatively older than the neighborhoods in northern Millbrae. And as such, one will find lovely historic homes in the area, as many of the original residences remain here.

Lomita Hills is strategically located near the San Francisco International Airport and El Camino Real, making it very convenient for residents to travel domestically or internationally.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Millbrae, CA for Young Professionals?

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What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Millbrae, CA for Young Professionals?

Aside from employment opportunities, proximity to grocery stores, dining establishments, and green space are some of the things young professionals who value work-life balance look for in a neighborhood. Here are the best Millbrae neighborhoods that satisfy these criteria.

Millbrae Meadows residents enjoy the serenity of countryside living with convenient access to all the pleasures of urban living. Getting to work is less stressful, as most commuters spend between 15 and 30 minutes commuting one-way to work, a shorter commute time compared to the national average.

Downtown Millbrae is just 5 minutes away and Burlingame’s Broadway commercial center, where one can find a wide range of retail stores, dining establishments, and other options for fun and leisure, is only 10 minutes away from the neighborhood.

After a hectic week, one would want to have a relaxing weekend. And at Greenhills, the Greenhills Country Club provides the outdoor recreation and amenities that every hardworking professional deserves – an 18-hole golf course, sports and fitness centers, and a heated swimming pool.

Residents also have convenient access to a few grocery stores, including Neelam Pacific Market, Mid East Meat Market & Restaurant, and Trader Joe’s. Those who have no time to cook can just choose from a wide range of dining options:

  • The Habit Burger Grill
  • Taqueria San Bruno
  • Celia’s Mexican Restaurant
  • Big Mouth Burgers
  • Five Guys
  • Celia’s Mexican Restaurant
  • Yummy Szechuan
  • Taqueria Mi Durango
  • De Anza Playground
Where Is Millbrae, California?

Where Is Millbrae, California?

Millbrae, CA is located in the northern segment of San Mateo County, bordered by the San Francisco International Airport to the northeast, San Bruno to the northwest, and Burlingame to the southeast.

You can explore the city using this Millbrae neighborhoods map:

Explore Millbrae, CA Neighborhoods

Wrap Up

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the best neighborhoods we recommend are Greenhills, Lomita Hills, Mills Estate, and Millbrae Meadows.

The cost of living in Millbrae, CA is higher than the national average and most cities in the state. The overall cost of living index in Millbrae is 290.1, which means that the cost of basic expenses in this city is 190.1% higher than the national average.

Yes, Millbrae is considered a safe place to live. The total crime in Millbrae is lower than the national average, at a total crime rate of 4 per 1,000 people.

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