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Homes for Sale in San Mateo, CA

A thriving city in California, San Mateo is known for its rich history and location at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. The city’s economy is broad, with most jobs in the information technology, healthcare system, and education sectors.

Aside from its diverse economy, San Mateo is also home to various natural spaces, including riparian zones, mixed oak woodland, and bayland marshes. Several parks and nature trails are also available across the city. With its flourishing commerce and the myriad of natural areas, San Mateo offers the benefits of city living and a suburban lifestyle. We encourage you to contact a member of our team at your earliest convenience if you have any questions regarding the beautiful San Mateo, California region.

DOWNTOWN SAN MATEO: San Mateo has one of the more substantial and well-developed suburban business districts in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Downtown San Mateo Association (DSMA), a non-profit organization, advocates on behalf of local establishments to increase their visibility and enhance the downtown area. The region features many large and small multi-story commercial properties, government facilities, and the Mills Medical Center, among other things. The downtown center is home to approximately 800 businesses and shops, many of which are housed in historic structures dating back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. While visiting the downtown area during their spare time, families residing in San Mateo will undoubtedly find plenty of outlets to browse through and purchase items from.

EXCELLENT EDUCATION: Schools in the San Mateo Foster City School District and the San Mateo Union High School District are designated to serve families living in San Mateo. Additionally, the city also caters to the College of San Mateo, a community college that serves San Mateo and the local school districts. Families with young schoolchildren will undoubtedly have a decent option of top-rated schools from which to choose for their children’s educational requirements in the future.

PRIME LOCATION: San Mateo’s unique cityscape and general structure are complemented by a bikeways network that links the city’s significant locations to one another. San Mateo’s Bicycle Master Plan, which was authorized in 2011, set biking goals, identified loopholes in the existing bikeway scheme, and developed a shortlist of infrastructure development projects. Aside from the bikeways, San Mateo’s prime location provides easy access to three major airports. The closest is San Francisco International Airport, which is just a few miles away to the north. The San Jose Mineta International Airport and Oakland International Airport are within a half-hour drive of San Mateo, as is San Francisco International Airport. Meanwhile, San Carlos Airport is located around six miles south of the city of San Mateo.

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Homes in San Mateo, CA

10 Real Estate Facts About San Mateo, CA

  • Beautiful homes in San Mateo can be purchased for a price ranging from $600,000 to $15 million, depending on the location.
  • Exceptional affordable properties are also accessible in San Mateo, with prices from $150,000 to less than $550,000, making them viable for families on a tight budget.
  • There are houses available that offer one to seven-bedroom configurations.
  • Other residences in the region have anywhere from one to seven bathrooms.
  • Also accessible in San Mateo are vacant lots suitable for constructing one-of-a-kind residences.
  • Typically, the floor space supplied by the residences in San Mateo ranges between 1,200 sq ft and 32,000 sq ft.
  • Vacant lots with a large amount of space, often ranging from 0.2510 to 0.6526 acres, are also accessible in the area.
  • In San Mateo, the most often used lot sizes for residential property buildings range from 0.12 acres to 25.59 acres.
  • Single-family homes are the typical type of real estate in San Mateo, followed by condominium units, townhouses, multi-family buildings, and apartments.
  • There are many various architectural styles available in the neighborhood. Still, the most common are the Ranch, Spanish, Colonial, Tudor, Mediterranean, Traditional, and Contemporary designs, all available in the community.
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San Mateo is a well-established city nestled in San Mateo County, California, flanking the San Francisco Peninsula. About 20 miles south of the bustling San Francisco, the city of San Mateo marks the boundaries of several regional areas, including to the north, Hillsborough to the west, San Francisco Bay and Foster City to the east, and Belmont to the south. San Mateo communities sit in the heart of Foster City and UpperCrystal Springs Reservoir.

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Things to do in San Mateo

San Mateo Central Park

Around 16 acres of vibrantly-colored landscapes with a miniature train ride, children's playground, and ice rink.

Espetus San Mateo

Meat skewers are served by waiters dressed as Brazilian gauchos at an eye-catching restaurant.

Nazareth Ice Oasis San Mateo

Ice skating facility with friendly personnel and public sessions.

Crunch Fitness - San Mateo

A gym where members get healthy and have fun with fantastic group fitness sessions, miles of cardio, the highest quality equipment, and fitness classes.


Schools in San Mateo

School NameGradesAdmission
Baywood Elementary SchoolK - 5Public
Parkside Montessori SchoolK - 5Public
Bowditch Middle School6 - 8Public
Borel Middle School6 - 8Public
San Mateo High School9 - 12Public
Aragon High School9 - 12Public
Flores Restaurant San Mateo
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Flores Cocina & Bar at Hillsdale Shopping Center in San Mateo

How exciting that we have a new restaurant in San Mateo! Just before Christmas, Flores Cocina and Bar at Hillsdale Shopping Center in San Mateo opened it’s doors. My friends and I have been anticipating this new spot for margaritas (and good Mexican food) for a while– Flores definitely fits

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San Mateo, CA
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Best San Mateo Neighborhoods in 2023 (Local’s Guide)

When it comes to the best neighborhoods in the city of San Mateo, there are several appealing options for families, property investors, young professionals, and those seeking luxury living. The city sits at the tip of Silicon Valley, making it one of the hottest places to buy property. Whether you’re

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Kaz Grill San Mateo
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Kaz Teriyaki Grill in San Mateo

Kaz Teriyaki Grill in San Mateo, AKA “Bento”, is your stop for quick bento boxes, quality curry bowls and our favorite Japanese pasta salad. Located at the corner of San Mateo Drive and Fourth Avenue, Kaz Teriyaki Grill is tucked into the side of Saruki Japanese Market, with its own

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San Mateo County Property Tax: What You Need to Know

Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash San Mateo County is considered a wealthy region with plenty of vibrant neighborhoods. Aside from the high cost of living, it gives off an urban-suburban vibe where most residents own their places. The environment consists of restaurant chains, coffee shops, and parks where people

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Cost of Living San Mateo, CA

Cover photo by Tima Miroshnichenko The cost of living is the amount of money necessary to cover one’s basic expenses in a particular location and time period. This includes housing, food, taxes, and healthcare. It is often used to compare the affordability of living in one city compared to another.

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Borel Park in San Mateo

Borel Park in San Mateo is now open! At the end of August, just after the neighboring Borel Middle School was back in session, The City of San Mateo Parks and Recreation Department removed the fencing and opened the park for use. The corner lot totaling 1.15 acres, once overgrown and

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Moving to San Mateo County

Cover photo by Ketut Subiyanto The stunning city of San Mateo, California is nestled roughly 33 miles and less than 45 minutes south of San Francisco, the central hub of business, finance, and culture in Northern California. Since the bustling city of San Francisco is only a few miles away,

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San Mateo County California Living
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San Mateo Closing Costs: Breakdown for Buyers & Sellers (2022)

How Much Are Closing Costs in San Mateo? The simple answer is that closing costs in San Mateo are typically 1-3% for buyers and 4-7% for sellers. The difference comes from the fact that sellers usually pay realtor commissions.  Buyers pay closing costs to the mortgage company for loan fees,

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FoodieLand Night Market

FoodieLand Night Market in San Mateo is on tap for this weekend. For the second time this year, FoodieLand is posting up at the San Mateo County Event Center, located in the Fiesta Gardens/Bay Meadows neighborhood. Open Friday through Sunday, with over 170 vendors, there is truly something for everyone.

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