Best San Mateo Neighborhoods in 2023 (Local’s Guide)

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When it comes to the best neighborhoods in the city of San Mateo, there are several appealing options for families, property investors, young professionals, and those seeking luxury living. The city sits at the tip of Silicon Valley, making it one of the hottest places to buy property.

Whether you’re a family looking for a nurturing community, an investor seeking promising opportunities, or a young professional looking to buy, San Mateo’s neighborhoods have something to fulfill your desires and provide a wonderful place to call home.

San Mateo Neighborhoods Interactive Map

Check out our San Mateo Neighborhood Guide for information on the real estate market, schools, interactive map, and property listings.

Every San Mateo Neighborhood

We’ve organized the neighborhoods into this handy table, so you can find the best areas to live for your specific situation.

San Mateo Neighborhood Homes

NeighborhoodTypical Home PricesGreat ForWalking Distance to CaltrainArchitectural Styles
Downtown San Mateo$350,000 to $2 millionYoung Professionals, InvestorsYesSpanish Colonial, Art Deco, Tudor, Mediterranean, Urban Revival, townhomes, and apartments.
Baywood$2 million to $5 millionFamilies, Luxury HomesYesMediterranean, Tudor, and Ranch homes
Aragon$2 million to $5 millionFamilies, Luxury HomesYesSpanish, Tudor, and English homes
Hillsdale/Sugarloaf$1 million to $3 millionFamilies, Young ProfessionalsYesSingle-family, Ranch homes, and apartments
Parkside$1 million to $3 millionYoung Professionals, InvestorsNoTraditional, Contemporary, and Ranch homes
Harbortown$900,000 to $15 MillionLuxury HomesNoTraditional and Craftsman-style homes
Fiesta Gardens & Bay Meadows$950,000 to $3.5 millionYoung ProfessionalsYesTownhouses, single-family homes, and condominiums
Hayward Park$700,000 to $2.5 millionYoung Professionals, InvestorsYesPost-modern townhouses, single-family homes, and condominiums
Sunnybrae & 19th Avenue Park$1 million and $3 millionN/AYesBungalows, Cottages, French, and Tudor homes
Foothill Terrace$2 million to $3 millionN/ANoSingle-family homes, Two-story homes
Baywood Park$2 to $4 millionN/ANoMediterranean, Colonial, and Tudor style
Laurelwood$500,000 to $3 millionFamiliesNoTraditional and modern townhouses, condominiums, single-family homes, and apartments
San Mateo Village and Glendale Village$950,000 and $3.5 millionFamiliesYesTraditional single-family homes built mostly in the 1950s
Baywood Knolls$550,000 and $3 millionN/ANoFrench, Contemporary, and Traditional style homes
San Mateo Park & El Cerrito Park$1 million to $10 millionLuxury HomesNoMediterranean and Traditional styles
South Shoreview$500,000 to $10 millionFamilies, Luxury Homes, InvestorsNoRanch-style, Modern, and Traditional homes

Best Neighborhoods for Families

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For families, San Mateo offers a variety of family-friendly neighborhoods with excellent schools, parks, and community activities. These neighborhoods provide a safe and welcoming environment for children to grow up in, making them an ideal choice for families looking for a nurturing community.

1. Baywood-Aragon

This neighborhood is known for its attractive, tree-lined streets and well-maintained homes. It’s located close to top-rated schools, parks, and community centers, making it a popular choice for families. Aragon High School is one of the best in the entire peninsula.

2. San Mateo Village

This neighborhood is well-regarded for its friendly atmosphere and diverse community. It offers a range of housing options and is located close to schools and parks.

3. Shoreview

Shoreview is known for its family-oriented vibe and proximity to Coyote Point Recreation Area, a fantastic spot for outdoor activities and family outings.

4. Sugarloaf

This area boasts spacious homes and a tranquil atmosphere. It’s located near Sugarloaf Mountain, which offers hiking opportunities for nature-loving families.

5. Laurelwood

Laurelwood is a residential neighborhood with a mix of single-family homes and townhouses. It has easy access to schools, parks, and shopping centers.

Best Neighborhoods for Luxury Homes

Best Neighborhoods for Luxury Homes - San Mateo Park

Luxury home seekers will be delighted by the upscale San Mateo neighborhoods that offer elegant and luxurious living spaces. From charming estates with beautiful gardens to modern homes with cutting-edge amenities, San Mateo’s luxury neighborhoods cater to those seeking refined living experiences.

1. Baywood Park

Nestled near the Crystal Springs Reservoir, Baywood Park features prestigious homes with scenic views and large lots. This neighborhood is known for its privacy and tranquility, making it a preferred choice for those seeking an exclusive living experience.

2. Aragon

Aragon is a neighborhood renowned for its elegant, historic architecture and well-maintained properties. Many homes in this area boast classic designs, manicured lawns, and upscale finishes.

3. San Mateo Park

San Mateo Park is a prestigious neighborhood with a mix of architectural styles, including Tudor, Mediterranean, and Craftsman. The area offers luxurious estates with impressive curb appeal and spacious interiors.

4. Beresford Manor

This neighborhood features high-end homes with beautiful landscaping and a serene atmosphere. It’s located close to Beresford Country Club, which offers additional amenities for residents.

5. Baywood-Aragon

As mentioned earlier, this San Mateo Neighborhoods not only caters to families but also offers luxurious properties, including stylish mansions and upscale estates.

6. Hillsborough

While technically a separate town adjacent to San Mateo, Hillsborough deserves mention for its exclusivity and luxurious real estate offerings. The area is known for its grand mansions, scenic beauty, and high-profile residents.

7. Westwood Knolls

Westwood Knolls boasts a variety of luxury homes, including modern designs and traditional estates. The neighborhood’s strategic location provides both privacy and convenience.

Best for Young Professionals

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For young professionals, the city of San Mateo also boasts several neighborhoods that perfectly align with their fast-paced and dynamic lifestyles. With easy access to public transportation and a lively social scene, these San Mateo neighborhoods cater to the needs of young professionals seeking a blend of career opportunities and a vibrant social life.

1. Downtown San Mateo

The heart of the city is bustling with shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a vibrant urban lifestyle with easy access to public transportation and proximity to tech companies and startups. San Mateo Central Park is great for dogs and kids.

2. Bay Meadows

This newer development has become a popular choice for young professionals due to its modern housing options, nearby parks, and convenient retail spaces. It’s a transit-oriented neighborhood, making commuting to nearby tech hubs like Silicon Valley more accessible.

3. Hillsdale

Hillsdale offers a mix of residential areas and shopping centers, including the Hillsdale Shopping Center. The neighborhood provides a blend of suburban comfort and accessibility to amenities.

4. Hayward Park

This area features a mix of single-family homes and apartments, providing options for various living preferences. It’s located near the Hillsdale Caltrain station, making it a great choice for professionals commuting to San Francisco or Silicon Valley.

5. North Shoreview

North Shoreview is known for its friendly community and a variety of housing options. It offers a good balance between residential tranquility and easy access to downtown San Mateo.

6. Fiesta Gardens

With its tree-lined streets and proximity to parks, Fiesta Gardens attracts young professionals seeking a peaceful environment while still being close to the city’s action.

7. Parkside

Parkside is a popular San Mateo neighborhood with professionals due to its mix of townhomes and condominiums. It’s within walking distance to Central Park and downtown amenities.

Best Neighborhoods for Investment Properties

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Property investors will find opportunities in San Mateo’s real estate market, which has experienced steady growth due to the city’s proximity to the booming tech industry. Investing in properties here can lead to favorable returns, making it an attractive option for those looking to build their investment portfolio.

1. Downtown San Mateo

The downtown area is a vibrant hub with a mix of residential and commercial properties. Its proximity to public transportation, restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues makes it appealing to renters and ensures consistent demand for rental properties.

2. Hayward Park

Hayward Park is a well-established neighborhood with a mix of single-family homes and apartments. Its central location and easy access to transportation corridors like the Caltrain station add to its investment potential.

3. North Shoreview

This neighborhood offers a good selection of investment properties, including single-family homes and townhouses. Its relative affordability compared to other San Mateo neighborhoods may attract renters seeking quality housing at a slightly lower cost.

4. Parkside

Parkside is a sought-after neighborhood with a mix of townhomes and condominiums. Its proximity to Central Park, schools, and downtown San Mateo makes it an attractive option for renters.

5. Sugarloaf

Sugarloaf is a residential neighborhood with a tranquil ambiance and a mix of property types, including single-family homes. The neighborhood’s family-friendly atmosphere may appeal to long-term renters.

6. Shoreview

Shoreview’s proximity to the Coyote Point Recreation Area and the San Francisco Bay adds to its appeal. It’s a well-established neighborhood with a range of housing options that may attract renters looking for scenic surroundings.

7. Beresford Park

Beresford Park offers a mix of residential properties, and its access to the Beresford Recreation Center and nearby schools can make it an attractive option for families, leading to stable rental demand.

Best San Mateo Neighborhoods in 2023 (Local’s Guide)

Finding a Home in San Mateo, CA

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Pro Tip: If you’re considering Moving to San Mateo, be aware that many of the neighborhoods may have limited inventory. You can cross the entire city by car in 20 minutes, so residents can quickly reach any local amenity or location.

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These San Mateo neighborhoods are especially scenic and beautiful:

  • Baywood-Aragon
  • San Mateo Park
  • Sugarloaf
  • Hillsborough
  • Baywood Park
  • Aragon
  • Beresford Park
  • Shoreview

One of the wealthiest and most affluent neighborhoods in San Mateo is Hillsborough. While Hillsborough is technically a separate town adjacent to San Mateo, it is often associated with the broader San Mateo area due to its proximity and shared amenities.

Hillsborough is renowned for its exclusive estates, grand mansions, and luxurious properties. The neighborhood is characterized by large, beautiful homes, well-manicured gardens, and a prestigious reputation. Many high-net-worth individuals, executives, and prominent figures reside in Hillsborough, contributing to its reputation as one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the region.

The city of San Mateo, CA is a fantastic place to live for these reasons:

  1. Proximity to Silicon Valley and San Francisco
  2. Transportation convenience
  3. Diverse housing options
  4. Parks and recreational opportunities
  5. Good schools
  6. Vibrant downtown
  7. Cultural diversity

San Mateo’s high cost of living and expensive real estate can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Location in Silicon Valley
  2. Limited Housing Supply
  3. Strong Economy
  4. Desirable Amenities
  5. Transportation Accessibility
  6. Historical Demand

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