“There’s A New Lion In The Jungle!”

Brendan Aiello - San Mateo, CA Real Estate Agent

I am proud to announce Team Tapper’s newest realtor, Brendan Aiello.
Although Brendan is not a new member to Team Tapper (Brendan has been
the team assistant for over 4 years), we are all very proud that
Brendan made the plunge to “realtorship”. Brendan is following his
father’s footsteps (our office manager), Peter Aiello who is also very
excited for Cashin Company’s newest addition.

As you will soon notice, Brendan is one of the most technologically
advanced Realtors in the area. He even takes credit for getting this
blog underway. I also accredit Brendan for using the internet to
enhance our team marketing plan and making our investor database fast
and easy to use.

Welcome aboard, Brendan!

David “Tap” Tapper, Realtor 

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