Protect your ASSets – Use a Rental Real Estate Agent!

Protect your A$$ets - Real Estate 101
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Hi Everyone,

This is my first blog post so forgive me if my formatting is a little off. I have been fortunate enough to find my niche in the real estate market. I am a rental Realtor who caters to the needs of prospective tenants and landlords looking to fill vacancies with their income investment properties.

So in this blog post I will address the needs of investment property owners.

Real estate investors (or geniuses, as I like to call them) – Sit back, relax and watch your bank account grow, as I find quality clients to pay the top tier of market rent prices. I do this by creating and maintaining an up-to-date marketing plan that is molded specifically to rent your unit quickly. My goal is always to have a tenant lined up before the prior tenant moves out. I have all the documentation – contracts, applications, credit report forms/services, etc. If you should choose to accept Section 8 tenants, I have friends at the housing urban development (HUD) that give me extensive information to ensure quality tenants are moving to your apartment, condo, or home. I also have a proven list of affordable contractors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, gardeners, etc. if you should need a recommendation.


Uh oh, do you have a tenant who stopped paying their rent? Again, please put your feet up and relax as I help provide you with one of  the top eviction attorneys in the area. This is all just part of my service, if you should choose me to represent your property.

When it comes time to acquire more real estate after I have proven myself as your rental agent, I then place you in the hands of one of my well qualified team members as well as myself to acquire more property. We are all well qualified to negotiate the best prices so you can start earning equity on your new investments as quickly as possible. We are also very familiar with 1031 tax exchanges if you choose to swap properties. If you are selling, we are also well qualified to list your property with our renowned marketing plan (which even earns you a featured property spot on our blog.

I hope this helps you see value in the services that I and many rental real estate agents can provide.

Thanks for Reading!

Fay “The Rental Queen” Tapper

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