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Are you looking for San Mateo Dog-Friendly Brunch Restaurants? Team Tapper Realtors Has You!

Two of my favorite things:
1. My 10-year-old Labrador Bernie.
2. Brunch!

What better way to spend the morning than with my two favorite things? Finding yummy food in a dog-friendly restaurant can be a challenge, but Team Tapper is here to give some guidance on some sweet spots in San Mateo that will please both you and your Fido.
Some of our recommendations are super casual, and some are a bit more upscale, but exploring some of our amazing local restaurants is a fun trip around the city. ALL ARE DOG FRIENDLY! YAY!
Let us know if you try any of these places and what you think.

Cheers to you and your doggie from Team Tapper!

Snoopy is welcome if he doesn’t bring Lucy
1901 South Norfolk Street (at the border of the Parkside neighborhood)
Menu includes breakfast tacos, spicy hash, French toast, traditional breakfasts, and more

They will accept Clifford and Old Yeller if he gets a rabies shot prior
32 East 3rd Avenue
Specialties include sweet and savory pastries, fresh loaves of bread and pretzels, and more

They will accept Lassie who will bark to save a kid – yay!
2 North B Street
Delicious menu items include a super food bowl, fungi pizza, chicken cobb salad, jalapeño cheddar cornbread, and more

Lady and the Tramp are welcome and will order spaghetti
1700 Coyote Point Drive
Delights include chicken & waffle sandwich, pork belly burger, eggs benedict, short rib risotto, and more

They will accept Scooby Doo and he will figure out who the villain is
1060 Park Place (in the Bay Meadows neighborhood)
Menu items include impossible taco salad, fried chicken sandwich, pork belly bahn mi, tuna melt, and more

Toto is welcome and will find his own way home
108 DeAnza Blvd.
Savory and dessert crepes, plus spring rolls, caprese salad, smoothies, bubble tea, and more

Cujo not invited, sorry, but Pluto and Goofy are welcome
1798 South Delaware Street (in the 19th Ave. Park neighborhood)
Crazy delicious and generous portions – menu items include hot and cold gourmet sandwiches, savory salads, nachos

Little Ann and Little Dan can hang on their spacious patio
2208 Bridgepointe Pkwy (in the Harbortown neighborhood)
Don’t miss the hush puppies, fried chicken salad or the banana pudding, not mention their menu solely dedicated to your best friend.

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