Review of MacArthur Place Hotel in Sonoma

MacARTHUR Place Hotel - Sonoma - Wine Country Travel

On Valentine’s Day my husband and I drove to Sonoma to stay at one of our favorite places, MacArthur Place in Sonoma.

Naturally, it’s very hard to get a reservation on Valentine’s Day. We felt very lucky to have gotten in because they have a large waiting list.

So we got to town and had dinner next door at Saddles. They have very good Prime Rib that is priced well. After enjoying an excellent meal, we checked into our Hotel, went up to our room and lit a fire. Within five minutes, we received a phone call from my mother that we needed to come home; my daughter had an extreme fever. I ran down to check back out and was very apologetic knowing that a lot of people would have loved our room on this special day. The Hotel said since it was an obvious medical emergency they weren’t going to charge us for the room. I was shocked, and very grateful.

A few weeks after getting home I checked our bill and to my delight there was a credit on our charge card. The MacArthur Place Hotel didn’t have to credit us for the room. We had already checked in and enjoyed the complimentary wine and cheese.

I usually go to this resort with my friends at least once a year to enjoy the fabulous spa. If you are considering going to Sonoma to enjoy the wine country, I highly recommend MacArthur Place. They are a class act!


Lisa Karson – Real Estate Agent 

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