Turns 1 Year Old!

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Hey Everyone,

While Team Tapper was created over 5 years ago, 1 year ago today marks the day went live . A little over a year ago I was introduced to Reggie Nicolay of who gave us the encouragement that blogging was a necessity to have in our real estate marketing arsenal.

Oh boy was he right, our blog has not only given our clients listings great exposure. But we have been able to meet lots of other real estate bloggers nationwide (many of which are now in our referral database because of their ability to incorporate technology into their marketing plan to better serve their clients and communities).

We also feel that we have provided the community with a great resource for everything SF Peninsula real estate. To keep us going we encourage you to continue to ask questions via our “Request Information” section.

Thank you for reading and please continue to visit as we have much more great information to follow.

Also, thank you to the rest of the MyTechOpinion Team; Nicole Nicolay (or NikNik) who is our twitter & social networking guru and Chad Johnson of /, the man behind the design to our beautiful blog.

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