Raymond’s Sourdough in South San Francisco

Raymond's Sourdough

Raymond’s Sourdough in South San Francisco has a retail outlet front to their renowned wholesale business, and makes for a worthy pitstop to accompany your weekly meal plan. As Bay Area residents we are uniquely privileged with incredible bread; sourdough reigning supreme. Both more tasty and more labor intensive than your average loaf of bread, the Bay Area aides in the perfect storm responsible for the tangy sourdough starters, often passed down through generations of bread-lovers. Some speculation credits the year-round fog portions of the Bay Area experience while others lean heavy on the time, method and appreciative palate for fermented, yeasty goodness of those who call Northern California home.

Walking through the humble doors of Raymond’s will send you into sensory high-gear with the sweet, warm and zippy aromas that fill the air. The shop is cash only and offers a large variety of traditional shapes and sizes, along with our favorite: the mini boule. These little domes of deliciousness are the meant-to-be vessel for soups and chowders. For a quick and delicious mid-week meal, grabbing a mini boule and loading in with generous scoops of locally made clam chowder, is near perfection.

Raymond’s Sourdough in South San Francisco goes beyond bread, offering a glass casement of breakfast or dessert pastries that are both visually pleasing and scrumptious tasting.

Open 9am-5pm daily, you can conveniently pickup a treat or your weekly bread– just don’t forget your cash (in the event you do forget, they also have an ATM at the entrance).

Bonus: the bread is warm, due to freshness, hourly!

Raymond’s Sourdough
151 S Spruce Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080
(650) 589-4572

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