California Great America’s WinterFest & KOIT Dinner with Santa Snoopy

California's Great America WinterFest

California Great America’s WinterFest & the KOIT Dinner with Santa Snoopy are both special events held at the Santa Clara theme park November-December, annually. WinterFest is a ticketed event, you can purchase entry to, specific dates until the new year. KOIT Dinner with Santa Snoopy is a Bay Area radio station (96.5 KOIT) sponsored event that is by invitation or sweepstakes entry only. We have been graced with invitations in 2021 and again in 2022 to the hosted dinner with Santa Snoopy, which also included entry to WinterFest.

While we entered through the Pavilion entrance for Dinner with Santa Snoopy, guests only attending WinterFest entered through the main gates. KOIT had a large buffet with dinner options and dessert stations– the highlight for us were the brownie and blondie bars, both were delicious! The dinner and Santa Snoopy’s step and repeat photo-op are open from 3pm to 7pm, while WinterFest runs from 4pm to 10pm.

The Planet Snoopy area of Great America is great for the younger crowd and the big kids can still venture to classic rides like The Demon, Drop Tower and Flight Deck. Beyond the rides, Planet Snoopy offers a craft area where kids can make their own Peanuts themed holiday decorations, hot chocolate booths, churro stands and of course funnel cake. Most souvenir shops are clad with Peanuts holiday gear, the very popular light up wands and Christmas light necklaces.

Without winning tickets or being invited to KOIT’s Dinner with Santa Snoopy, we would definitely buy tickets to attend WinterFest only. It’s such a festive and fun night for children and adults.

You can buy tickets for the remaining WinterFest nights HERE.

California’s Great America
4701 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 94054
(408) 988-1776



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