Central Market: One of San Mateo’s Best Kept Secrets!

Central Market & Cafe Vietnamese Restaurant

So, I usually choose from about 5 places to get lunch every day and I usually end up choosing this restaurant at least twice a week. I am hesitant to promote this restaurant because I am afraid of longer lines/wait times. For once, I am hoping not too many people read this blog article, just kidding.
Central Market & Café, located at 517 South B Street in San Mateo. It is both a restaurant/café and a small market run by three sisters. While their store’s shelves resemble a 7-Eleven, their food is some of the best Vietnamese cuisine in the area. Everything is fresh, and made to satisfaction.
The sisters are friendly and love to have chat with their customers. You can often see me sitting at one of the tables playing California Lotto scratchers purchased from the market, while laughing over the sister’s funny jokes and eating a delicious meal.


Here are my two favorites that I would recommend to even the harshest of critics:


The Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich: The Vietnamese chicken sandwich is comprised of freshly grilled chicken with Cucumbers, Jalapenos, and Vietnamese Pickles. They grill the roll and the flavor is outstanding. I’ve never had another sandwich that’s even close to this. It’s very different.
The Egg Noodle Soup with Prawns and Shredded Chicken in Chicken Broth: It’s a great soup with dumplings, different seasonings, shredded chicken and noodles with huge prawns. If it’s raining outside, you will most likely find me and/or other team tapper members hovering over a bowl of this fantastic soup.
My wife Fay loves their grilled chicken rice vermicelli with greens. It’s kind of like a Chow Mein and soup in one. I’ve also had the salad with grilled chicken and tasty homemade dressing.
On my next visit, I’m going to try the curry chicken which I hear is screaming!

Check this place out, the food and friendly chatter will not disappoint!


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