Why use a Realtor when I can get all the information I need off the internet?

Why should I use a Realtor?

The internet has swaths of information on everything and anything. fact, I bet I could find plans, lessons, and instructions on how to build a home myself. The fact of the matter is unless I had some background or personal guidance, I wouldn’t know how to interpret the information given to me on building a home.

That being said, Realtors are experts in their field and they are the ones who provide the knowledge buyers need and rely on. Knowing what inspectors, appraisers, and contractors that are trustworthy is a very important factor in your home purchase.

It’s one thing to look at comparable sales in the computer to try and determine value, but it’s another to have your agent see these homes first hand to know if they had functional floor plans or not.

The internet is a wonderful tool, but real estate agents with a vast amount of knowledge still hold a higher value. Buyers also put their trust in agents to protect them with the legal jargon in the contract as well.

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