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Hi, We’re Team Tapper

In the Summer of 2017, my husband and I had a 9-month-old baby, and we were happy as San Francisco Peninsula residents, but there was always this voice in the back of our heads saying that we should explore the Portland, Oregon area. We had friends who had made the move up there, and we knew its offerings of culture, great food, wine, and beer. We took a deep dive, researching all we could about PDX, as well as made a week-long trip up there to look around.

Our research began at the epicenter of my world: food. My husband had been to Portland a couple of years before for a bachelor party and came home raving about a handful of restaurants and tons more that he wanted to try on a future trip with me. The lure of the city chocked full of creative dining destinations got the ball rolling, and soon we were researching neighborhoods, schools, home prices, hyper-local amenities to each little ‘hood, and more. Unfortunately, we scoured YouTube, social and geotags to find very little and very scattered information. We were looking for a “hub” of sorts that could guide us through even the simplest neighborhood search. The week we spent there was fun, but it became less and less serious, and our intentions and directions drifted away from the PNW (Pacific Northwest).

Here we are in 2022; we survived the pandemic and are happily still settled on the SF Peninsula and more committed to this community than ever before. We now have two children enrolled in wonderful local schools and Grandparents surrounding– you cannot move away from that.

Now here I am, the marketing director for Team Tapper, and I’ve had this little pin of our PDX search in the back of my head, waiting for the right space to remedy our lack of findings. Enter: TeamTapper.com version 5.0. The original version of this site started with my husband and David Tapper– a two-person boss/assistant team, in 2008. At the time, my tech-savvy husband was focused on a basic online presence for David and the emergence of Team Tapper, but what he stumbled into was the beginnings of what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and blogging would turn into, well before influencers were a thing. Years went on, he shifted careers, David continued to grow the team into a successful beast, and without a firm handle on it, the website was left to grow some weeds and collect dust.

In Spring 2021, version 4.0 was launched with a new developer and a cleaner appearance but nowhere near as functional as its potential. In the Fall of last year, I came on board and implemented another facelift that pulled us through until now.

Today, I present our budding version of what I was searching for in 2017. TeamTapper.com will continue to grow as a community space where those looking to move to San Francisco and San Mateo counties can find solid information. Where already rooted members of our community can keep up with goings-on and follow the current Real Estate market and trends. Not only can someone create a customized search of MLS Listings, but you can search interactive neighborhood maps, gather event information, and of course, have an entire team of Real Estate experts at your fingertips.

Please take a click around, and stay in touch!

Morgan Aiello

for David Tapper & Team Tapper Realtors

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  1. Robert Newman

    I love this, and for those reading, I can testify as a person who deals with 100’s of realtors all over the world that Morgan and her team are committed to using all of the advances that technology provides to provide more value to all of those studying or participating in the real estate process and the lifestyle surrounding San Mateo.

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