Should I pay for pre-inspections prior to putting my home on the market?

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When asking yourself, “Should I pay for pre-inspections before I put my home on the market?”

Whenever you negotiate, you always want to come from a position of strength. Getting pre-inspections before putting your property on the market will allow you to negotiate before accepting an offer.

Getting inspections after you have accepted the offer is not a good idea because it will more than likely allow the buyer to negotiate twice by asking for a credit for any or all of the items found in the home inspection report.

You also want to try to get the cleanest offer you can get with little or no contingencies. The buyer will also want to know what they are purchasing when they make an offer.

Sure, the buyer “might” decide to get their own inspections, but they should be very similar to what you already had inspected.

The last reason you get the pre-inspections is because you don’t want to take your home off the market waiting for the buyer to get the inspections before removing their contingencies. This can cost you 10-14 days of market time.

– David Tapper, San Mateo County Real Estate Agent

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