Should I Counter A Low Ball Offer?

Should You Counter a Low Ball Real Estate Offer on Your Home?
Credit: Image by Markus Spiske Source

Sellers, if you receive a low ball offer, should you counter the buyers offer or just decline it? The answer is yes, you should always counter any and all offers. Always put the ball back in play!

It is not uncommon for sellers get upset that a prospective buyer would low ball them, but many times the buyer is just feeling you out. How do they know what the bottom line is? What do you have to lose by giving them a counter offer? Nothing. You are that much closer to a deal. Really, It’s the starting point in negotiation.

Usually both sides are willing to give a little. It’s better to have a low ball offer than no offer at all.

Even if you are unable to ratify the contract with that particular buyer, you can use it to your advantage later. When the next agent calls to see if you have had any offers, you can tell them that you had an offer, but were unable to come to terms. This tells the new buyer that others like your home and see the value as well.


Note: Sellers, pricing your home correctly is one of the most important things you can do to help yourself.

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