Reunited At Last! Fay Gets Her Kids Back!

Child Custody Battle in Philippines Ends!

WOW! After almost 9 years of fighting for custody with her ex-husband, my wife Fay has been reunited with her two sons; Miguel 17, and Kevin 14.

Even communicating with her sons had been challenge over the years; there was no contact of any sort allowed between Fay, Miguel and Kevin. The principal at Miguel and Kevin’s school understood how important it was for their Mother to be involved in their lives, so she allowed Fay to call twice a week, which was so very much appreciated.

The boys have always been U.S. citizens, but lived in the Philippines. The trial for custody of Miguel and Kevin was supposed to last only 10 days, but because of so many delays and bribes, the trial was on-going until the end of June 2008.

There is a lot of corruption in the Philippines, especially with the judges and attorneys. We even had problems with our own attorney who we took in to our own home here on the Peninsula. Our attorney along with her daughter (who attended Aragon High School), saw us as nothing more than a paycheck, or should I say a slot machine.

We found out later from a Senator in the Philippines that we could have filed a claim which would have saved us almost 6 years of time in court. That validated our pre-determined doubts about our attorney.

Visiting Miguel and Kevin was very difficult for Fay, she was in constant fear for her life. We received death threats and had the FBI to our home on a number of occasions. When Fay did go to visit, an armed guard was with her at all times for her safety.

The only reason the boys were reunited with Fay is because Miguel and Kevin’s father passed away from cancer. It is unfortunate this is what it came to. We are very sorry that Miguel and Kevin lost their father, however; we are so thrilled to have them living here, in the U.S. with us—we are a complete family.

As for myself, I couldn’t be happier. My wife is whole again, being able to have her children with her after all these years. Miguel and Kevin are such great kids; even though we met just 7 weeks ago, we hit it off from day one and have a solid relationship. There is no animosity, just love.

Welcome home boys!

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