Helpful Links for The San Mateo Park Neighborhood

Warren Road in San Mateo Park Neighborhood - San Mateo, CA

For all the viewers who live in or are interested in the San Mateo Park Neighborhood, I decided to post up some links you may find helpful. Here they are:


The “Official” Website of The San Mateo Park Neighborhood
By far the most useful website for the San Mateo Park Neighborhood this site contains information about the neighborhood’s history, renowned ‘islands‘, good neighbor policies (including how to drive around the islands), and more.

The Official Website of San Mateo Park School
This is the website for San Mateo Park Public Elementary School. As an alumni of this School I may be a bit biased, but please learn more about this amazing school yourself through the above website.’s San Mateo Park Neighborhood Real Estate Page
Great information on houses for sale, homes that have recently sold, demographics, real estate trends & market reports, and more!


I hope these linked help! If you have any more questions about the San Mateo Park & El Cerrito Park Neighborhood, please contact us @ (650) 629-9898!


Brendan Aiello

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