California’s Great America Tricks & Treats Halloween Event

California's Great America Tricks and Treats

California’s Great America “Tricks and Treats” Halloween Festivities are held from September 22, 2023-October 28, 2023 this year. Brought back for the first time, post-COVID, this falltime favorite has something for all ages.

Formerly named Halloween Haunt, the event had spooky hired actors and a haunted house that spread nearly the entire amusement park. Tricks and Treats is a very tame and kid-friendly spin, designed to be inclusive of everyone and in my opinion it’s been executed to perfection. If you are still looking for the ultra-spooky, full horror, immersive event– you should try Fright Fest at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, in Vallejo, California.

For Tricks and Treats, different areas, similar to the “lands” at Disneyland, are themed. These areas are named; Everfall, Spooky Spires, Ickyville, Sweet tooth acres. The entire park is well-decorated, themed bands are playing on various stages, audience-interactive halloween shows are ongoing, Great America employees are in costume, and many guests dress up, too. And for those who want to ride their favorites on every visit– fear not! All of your favorite rides and attractions are still operating during the Tricks and Treats event.

We visited California’s Great America Tricks and Treats in the evening (into night) and would suggest you do the same. When the lights come on it feels a bit more spooky (still very mild for the kids) and magical. To participate in the Trick or Treat Trail, kids are given a ticket voucher they can redeem to wind their way through the trail under the arched arbor, near “The Demon”. 5 or so little doors open to kids who knock for their candy or treats.

Additionally, for anyone considering a season pass for 2024, now is a great time to buy, it grants you access to the Tricks & Treats events, as well as all of Winterfest. Rates are lower now than they will in 2024, too.

This new Halloween event at Great America is one not to be missed and should be added to your calendar this time of year.


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