California High Speed Rail – Our Best Friend or Our Worst Enemy?

Highspeed Rail In San Mateo County - CA High Speed Rail
Credit: Image by Thgusstavo Santana Source

Almost two weeks ago our manager informed us about new forms needed to advise and disclose California residents of the new High Speed Rail plans.

Earlier this week, an associate of ours from Cashin Company  shot out a company wide e-mail describing a Palo Alto city council meeting. At this meeting, many residents and business owners were concerned about the appearance of this new system. Below is a YouTube Video of a Palo Alto architect (Jim McFall) of the proposed location and appearance of the system in Palo Alto.

I am concerned about how this huge and potentially dangerous system will look and function. But, I also see the necessity for a functional statewide transit system to promote high speed train travel and transportation within our state. Traveling through Europe a few years ago really made me realize that our nation is in need of a more convenient, yet up-to-date transcontinental transit system. I think if this project is done right it could serve as a great example for the rest of our country.

We have been told that if you don’t approve of this system or have comments/concerns about the project to please write a letter to “High Speed Rail” by this Monday (April 6th,2009).


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