Best Neighborhoods to Invest in Real Estate in Burlingame, CA

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The flourishing city of Burlingame in San Mateo County, California occupies a sizable portion of the San Francisco Peninsula’s coastline. The area was named for American ambassador Anson Burlingame and is known for its excellent public schools, robust commercial districts, and abundance of eucalyptus trees.

Any family looking for a new home in the San Francisco Bay Area may discover precisely what they’re looking for offered by the Burlingame, CA, real estate market, which has a vast selection of communities and home types.

Here is a detailed neighborhood guide to help you explore which neighborhoods in Burlingame are the best for you and your family!

The Ultimate Ranking of Burlingame's Best Neighborhoods for Real Estate Investment

The Ultimate Ranking of Burlingame's Best Neighborhoods for Real Estate Investment

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Burlingame, California is well-known for many things, including its status as a leading metropolis, stunning natural setting, and booming economy. However, the city is perhaps most revered for its residents’ exceptional quality of life, thanks to the wealth of services and amenities available to them provided by the city’s many desirable neighborhoods.

Affordable Neighborhoods in Burlingame

Easton Addition

Housing Price Range: $490,000 to $5.7 million

Burlingame’s Easton Addition is a popular residential area due to its convenient location and stunning architecture, attracting a diverse range of homebuyers. The community of Easton Addition might be the perfect place for you if you want to stroll to Broadway’s stores and restaurants whenever you want.

Each historic residence in the area has a sense of seclusion because of the mature trees surrounding the roadways. There is enough room even for a large household since most houses in the neighborhood offer expansive interior floor space with numerous room configurations.

Easton Addition is also home to several parks, a medical center, and a branch of the Burlingame Public Library, which is why the community has been in such high demand for so long.

Lyon – Hoag

Housing Price Range: $862,500 to $5 million

Lyon-Hoag is one of the most prosperous neighborhoods in Burlingame. Property values in Lyon-Hoag have skyrocketed in recent years, and residents may now choose from among a stunning array of renovated mansions.

The neighborhood is also well-known for being one of Burlingame’s most reasonably priced areas. The streets in Lyon-Hoag are broad and well-kept, making them ideal for families and visitors who drive.

A wide range of architectural styles is also represented in the area, allowing families to choose whatever home style they prefer. Burlingame Avenue, Washington Park, Washington Elementary School, and the city’s leisure center are all within easy walking distance from the Lyon-Hoag neighborhood.

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Burlingame

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Burlingame

Burlingame Terrace – Easton

Housing Price Range: $1 million to $3.1 million

Located at the intersection of Burlingame Avenue and Broadway, the Burlingame Terrace-Easton area is a classic example of the city’s Californian architecture and culture. The historic homes in this area have a unique history that adds to their allure.

Because of its central position in the city, this community is much sought after by vacationers. The majority of properties are located within a mile or less of Burlingame’s most coveted dining and shopping destinations.

You can reach Burlingame High School, the Aquatic Center, and several parks and recreation facilities in only a few minutes, which adds to the overall desirability of the neighborhood.

Burlingame Hills and Skyline Terrace

Housing Price Range: $1.1 million to $6 million

Burlingame Hills and Skyline Terrace homes tend to be on bigger lots with more scenic views and greater seclusion than those in other parts of the city. The mature trees and ideal spacing between each house give the neighborhood a private atmosphere.

This area is ideal for San Francisco and Silicon Valley commuters since it is just a five-minute drive away and has easy access to Highway 280. Also, the closeness to Hoover Elementary School is a huge plus for families with small children.

Burlingame Gate/Grove

Housing Price Range: $1.9 million to $2.4 million

Burlingame Gate/Grove is an excellent option for families with small children. Although prices have increased in recent years as more and more people discover its many benefits and amenities, the neighborhood and its home offerings are still reasonably-priced.

Stunning trees border the streets of each home in Burlingame Gate/Grove. The neighborhood also has convenient access to Hoover and Roosevelt primary schools, allowing families with small kids to send them to school just a few minutes away from their homes.

Burlingame Gate/Grove homes are often constructed with outstanding features including grand foyers and roomy living areas, perfect for entertaining guests.

Upscale Neighborhoods in Burlingame

Upscale Neighborhoods in Burlingame

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Burlingame Estate

Housing Price Range: $2.5 million to $3 million

The neighborhood of Burlingame Estate is one of the most affluent and desirable areas in Burlingame, CA. The community’s numerous positive attributes, such as convenient access to major cities, high-quality schools, many job opportunities, affordable homes, and excellent quality of life, make it a popular choice among homebuyers in the area.

Living at Burlingame Estate affords each homeowner a vacation-like lifestyle. Tranquility and a high level of security sum up the resident’s living environment at Burlingame Estate.

Homeowners can enjoy a clean, modern community designed with their convenience in mind. Everyone, whether a young professional, a retiree, or a family with small children, is welcome at Burlingame Estate!

Burlingame Park

Housing Price Range: $3.6 million to $6.7 million

Burlingame Park is a quaint and vibrant community with extensive houses that sit on lots typically bigger than those found in other neighborhoods in the city. Burlingame Avenue is a short distance away, and the city of San Francisco is only around 15 miles away.

It is the crown gem of Burlingame due to many reasons. Parks with playgrounds ideal for sports, cycling, strolling, and picnicking abound in this highly sought-after part of the city. Because of the neighborhood’s general calmness, its homeowners may enjoy all the luxuries of a small-town lifestyle without sacrificing modern conveniences.

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Neighborhood to Invest in Real Estate in Burlingame, CA

Purchasers compete for every available home when the housing market is in demand. Although this is fun for a bit of time, only purchasers who picked the finest areas will end up with the most valued property, which will deteriorate at a far slower pace.

Everything else being equal, a home’s location is the primary factor in this price disparity. Here, we’ll share some insider knowledge on which area to choose when purchasing a new property.

Although the home or apartment often sways a buyer’s decision, remember that you are also investing in a piece of land. Even if you purchase an apartment in a city, you are still making a long-term commitment to a particular neighborhood, which is why location is often the most influential factor in determining a property’s worth.

Great schools, excellent restaurants, varied shops, grocery stores, family-friendly parks, gyms, and medical facilities are essential for a well-rounded community. Homebuyers are more likely to be interested in purchasing a new home close to these facilities. The investment potential may be affected by the availability and quality of facilities and local amenities in the surrounding area.

The current amenities in a neighborhood aren’t the only ones to consider while making an assessment of the area. Keep in mind to look for a community that is safe and stable and continuously growing and developing.

The value of residences in an area may increase significantly if future plans include the construction of new roads, hospitals, schools, retail malls, and other facilities near the residential area.

More employment opportunities are also created due to these expansions and new ventures, which generally accentuates a community’s overall value and desirability.

Best Neighborhoods to Invest in Real Estate in Burlingame, CA

Wrap Up

Burlingame is one of the few places where historic years’ gracious charm and timeless elegance have been preserved. The city’s housing market offers a broad variety of residential properties, ranging from cozy houses with at least two bedrooms to grand mansions that feature almost five-room configurations.

Locals can explore the city’s many unique shops, restaurants, dessert locations, and clothes stores. Thus, if you are looking for a great spot to raise a family or settle down in your golden years, go no further than Burlingame!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listings for Burlingame homes can be found anywhere from $800,000 to $10,000,000, and you get a lot of bang for your buck with even the cheapest options. Buying a property that checks off all the boxes for what you’re looking for in a house is tempting, but you should know that such luxury properties seldom come cheap.

Make sure to plan your financial budget accordingly. While you may have enough money to cover the down payment, many other expenses should be considered. If you can’t afford the upkeep, looking for a more affordable option is the best workaround.

When it comes to Burlingame’s neighborhood with the strongest historical appreciation rates for real estate values, it is definitely Burlingame Park and Burlingame Estate, the city’s most expensive neighborhoods.

These communities feature an outstanding housing portfolio of new and historic properties, many of which have been rebuilt in recent decades but still maintain a classic aesthetic allure in line with their pre-war counterparts.

Easton Addition and Lyon-Hoag, two of the city’s least expensive neighborhoods, may provide the highest rental returns for investors.

Both of Burlingame’s neighborhoods are affordable, yet they nevertheless offer a variety of facilities, impressive housing options, and proximity to a variety of recreational sites that tenants will undoubtedly appreciate, making them an excellent investment opportunity, especially for those planning to purchase a property and make it a rental home afterward.

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