Are you having trouble selling your home?

Selling Your Home is Frustrating! - Real Estate 101

If you have read the newspapers lately you probably blame the media and also the market for your home not selling. The reality is it’s probably the price and the marketing that’s holding back your home from selling.

In times like these, a down market or buyers market, it’s very important that home owners listen to their agent and pay close attention to the details like how they market the properties and how they price them.

Most sellers are usually biased when it comes time to price their home, and most think they have the best property in the area. This is where you need your agent the most.

It’s very difficult to do, but you need to put yourself in the shoes of today’s buyer and ask yourself what would you pay for a home like yours in today’s market, not last years. Buyers could care less what your home or any other home would have sold for last year.

The agent you decide to list your home with should be very knowledgeable in your specific area. This includes the schools, parks, transportation benefits, and especially the market in general. Instead of looking up the comparable sales, your agent should had seen them first hand, inside and out.

Whatever you do, do not list your home with an agent who promises to get you more money than any of the other agents without have a good marketing plan and the ability to back it up.

Remember this, it can cost a seller thousands of dollars if they list their home with the wrong agent.

– Mac

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