2009 San Mateo Central Park Music Series

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In my “Events in June” Blog post I announced the first of the 2009 San Mateo Central Park Music Series Concerts, better known as Music in the Park. I attended most of the concerts last year and the first one for this year, last Thursday (and will be each Thursday from now until the beginning of August). The event was a huge success with easily a thousand attendees. I had a great time with my mom and girlfriend as we listened to funk/disco/80″s music by Disco Funk Crutch. The music and atmosphere was great for people of all ages and backgrounds. Kids rushed the dance floor as the first note was played while parents watched from the side, people socialized with their neighboring concert-goers, foodies shared the best menu items from each booth, and so on.

The food booths were great and operated by such vendors as Astaria RestaurantPizza-My-HeartPasta PrimaveraThe Melting Pot, Rave Burger, 3 Bees Coffee, and Pasta Pasta. My family enjoyed some food we brought from home as well as two awesome sandwiches from Astaria’s booth!

Another cool feature was instead of just having garbage cans they had “waste stations” where a volunteer from ReThink Waste would tell you how to properly throw away your trash to reduce waste. I never knew how many things were compostable and according to our nearest ReThink waste volunteer Allied Waste will be no longer our garbage provider in 2010 and a new company will be taking over that will allow us to throw paper items into our green landscape waste boxes which will be composted! (Click Here For More Recycling Information At This Event)

For more information on the San Mateo Central Park Music Series (including the Band-Line Up and Concert Dates), Please Visit Their Official Website!

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