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Team Tapper’s Past Clients Get Free SF Giants Tickets!

View From San Francisco Giants @ AT&T Baseball StadiumI just wanted to announce that past clients of David Tapper are eligible for our San Francisco Giants Baseball Ticket Giveaways. David Tapper has season tickets for SF Giants games and lots of tickets are given away for free, via our email giveaway system. If you are a past client of David Tapper and are not receiving these SF Giants Ticket Giveaway e-mails, please contact Brendan Aiello via his email at:



Other Past Client Benefits:
– 10% Off Discount at Lowes Home Improvement Stores

Brendan Aiello

San Mateo Park Links

For all the viewers who live in or are interested in the San Mateo Park Neighborhood, I decided to post up some links you may find helpful. Here they are:

The “Official” Website of The San Mateo Park Neighborhood

The Offical Website of San Mateo Park School

A Google map of San Mateo Park (also has some pictures)

Zillow’s San Mateo Park Overview

Team Tapper’s San Mateo Park Local Neighborhood Information & Happenings

Hope These Help! If you have any more questions about the San Mateo Park Neighborhood, Please Contact Us @ (650) 403-6262!

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Prospective Home Buyers – Passive/Aggressive Approach

The smartest way to buy a home is what I call the “passive/aggressive approach”

Get pre-approved from the bank before looking for a home. It doesn’t cost you anything and the reason is twofold. The first is that you need to know exactly what you can afford up front, not how much you can get a loan for, but what the payments will be. Treat this like a business and take the emotion out of it. Emotion will always cost you money. Make sure you can handle the payment.

The second reason is that you want to have as much leverage as possible when making an offer and being pre-approved makes your offer almost the same as cash. If you are not pre-approved, the seller and their agent won’t take your offer seriously.


Then be patient! You need to take your time and see as many homes as possible. View them on the internet as well as going to as many open houses as possible.


Once you see the home you want, it’s time to be aggressive. When you see a good buy, everyone else usually sees the same thing.


Hire a Realtor who has good negotiating skills and is well respected. Make sure he/she will not make you feel like you have to make an offer. This is the biggest transaction of your life. You don’t need any more pressure than there already is.


Feel free to write or call with any Real Estate questions you may have.


 David “Tap” Tapper

David Tapper

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the mothers out there, Team Tapper would like to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day. You deserve it!

David Tapper

What is 1031 Tax Exchange?

What is a 1031 Tax Exchange?
A 1031 Tax Exchange is a tax-deferred incentive provided by the Internal Revenue System (IRS). It allows an owner of an investment property to sell the property for a similar or “like-kind” for no gain or loss.
For example: If you own a 12 unit apartment building in San Mateo that is sold at 2.25 million dollars. With the money gained say you purchase 3 single family homes purchased at $ 750,000 that you intend to lease individually. No capital gains or losses would be recognized.
With a knowledgeable accountant and a 1031 Tax Exchange Specialist like myself, this type of tax-deferred incentive can be a very valuable tool to be used in your real estate investments.
*Please view our disclaimer and verify this information with a licensed accountant/CPA