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I have been in sales since I was eleven years old. No, I wasn't selling lemonade; I was delivering the San Mateo Times to over seventy homes. While making collections at the end of each of month, I found myself understanding the value of service. This value only grew while attending college and working at Nordstrom. In my years at Nordstrom I realized that going the extra mile for a client, was not something special, but rather an expectation. I also realized that no matter what the business people want value for their money. In today's competitive market everybody knows an agent, but is that agent going to treat your money like their own? Are they going make sure that all your goals and expectations are met? I know we will. So, when the time comes to buy or sell a home do not hesitate to schedule an appointment where we can explain the advantages of working with a team. Expect my best!

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Mac McCarthy

Why use a Realtor when I can get all the information I need off the internet?

The internet has swaths of information on everything and anything. fact, I bet I could find plans, lessons, and instructions on how to build a home myself. The fact of the matter is unless I had some background or personal guidance, I wouldn’t know how to interpret the information given to me on building a home. 

That being said, Realtors are experts in their field and they are the ones who provide the knowledge buyers need and rely on. Knowing what inspectors, appraisers contractors that are trustworthy is a very important factor in your home purchase.

It’s one thing to look at comparable sales in the computer to try and determine value, but it’s another to have your agent see these homes first hand to know if they had functional floor plans or not.

The internet is a wonderful tool, but real estate agents with a vast amount of knowledge still hold a higher value. Buyers also put their trust in agents to protect them with the legal jargon in the contract as well.

Mac McCarthy

Stop being a SPECTATOR!

When is the best time to buy a home? This is a common question for home buyers right now and rightfully so. The answer to this question is very simple; when you find a home you absolutely love and you can afford, then the looking is over.
Right now home values are down, and so are interest rates. The stars usually don’t align this way; in most real estate markets you get one or the other, this time you get both. According to Author and investor David Bach, there hasn’t been a better time to buy in the last 3 decades.

So, why is everyone waiting? The answer to that is, there not. Buyers are jumping off the fence and starting to buy. I also see many investors buying up the entry level homes and many are paying CASH.

Sure, others are waiting, there waiting because of fear, and also waiting to casino online see if the market has bottomed out. But, by the time they figure it out, the market will have already been on an upswing, and they will also have to deal with inflation.

Right now investors are gobbling up homes and there ecstatic others are discouraged. Their glad because buyers who are still on the fence, or scared to step up will soon be renting from them.

Listen, if you can’t afford a home this is no knock on you, but if you can; don’t jump but LEAP. Get pre-approved and start actively looking. These two things alone make you a player in the market. And once you’re a player finding the best time to buy becomes easy.

Mac McCarthy

Should I sell or should I wait?

Should I sell my home in today’s market or Should I wait and rent it out until the market goes back up?


These are two questions I hear a lot these days. In order for me to answer these questions, I must ask a couple questions myself.  First off, if you sell your home, what’s your next move? If you are planning on buying another home or property you’re going to benefit from this market on the buying end. In some cases, you may be buying in a different  market that has been hit harder. To address the second question, in regards to renting out your property and waiting for the market to go back up;  I would ask what’s your time frame? If you are only planning to rent it out for a year or two, then you probably won’t see the market appreciate  much.

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Mac McCarthy

Are you having trouble selling your home?

If you”ve read the papers lately you probably blame the media and also the market for your home not selling. The reality is it”s probably the price and the marketing that”s holding back your home from selling.

In times like these, a down market or buyers market, it”s very important that home owners listen to their agent and pay close attention to the details like how they market the properties, and how they price them.

Most sellers are usually biased when it comes time to price their home, and most think they have the best property in the area. This is where you need your agent the most.

It”s very difficult to do, but you need to put yourself in the shoes of today”s buyer and ask yourself what would you pay for a home like yours in TODAY”S market, not last years. Buyers could care less what your home or any other home would have sold for last year.

The agent you online casino decide to list your home with should be very knowledgeable in your area. This includes the schools, parks, transportation benefits, and especially the market in general. Instead of looking up the comparable sales, your agent should had seen them first hand, inside and out.

Whatever you do, do not list your home with an agent who promises to get you more money than any of the other agents without have a good marketing plan, and the ability to back it up.

Remember this, it can cost a seller thousands of dollars if they list their home with the wrong agent.


Mac McCarthy

The 3 Most Important Factors To Look At When Buying a Home!

When looking to buy a home, many buyers are romanced by harwood floors, granite counter tops, crown moldings, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, these upgrades are far from the most important aspects of which home to choose.

Most important is location, lot size, and a functioanl floor plan.

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