What to Fix Up With a Limited Budget When Selling Your Home

Getting your home ready to sell can be stressful. You may not get around to all the minor repairs and fixes that your home needs, but making small repairs and changes can increase your likelihood of receiving strong offers and maximizing profit. Here’s what to fix up when selling a house with a limited budget.

Remove Clutter

You may not think of removing clutter as a “fix” for your home, but this is just as important as fixing a drippy faucet. If you’re too busy to do it yourself, hiring an organizer might be your best option. Clutter can really prevent buyers from seeing the true size of your home.

Fix the Little Things

Doors hanging on their hinges will instantly spell “dated” and “poor condition” to your buyers - not the impression you want to leave them with. Stop putting off all the little fixes around your home, especially when so many of them can be taken care of with a single trip to Home Depot or a few clicks on Amazon. Easy fixes: clogged drain, broken cabinet tracks, cabinet hinges.

Paint Your Walls

Dinged, smeared, or oddly colored walls are affordable to fix up. Because wall space is so prominent in any home, not fixing them up can really make a difference in how your home’s value and upkeep are perceived.

That said, painting your walls can be a big undertaking if it means moving all the furniture, potentially hiring an expert or taking the time to paint, etc. If you don’t have the time (or money) to take on everything at once, prioritize the kitchen and living room as these are a focal point for buyers.

Paint Your Front Door

First impressions are truly everything - especially when you’re approaching a home. You might consider painting your door black because a black door next to white siding creates sharp contrast, which can read as both fresh and modern.

Fix Up Your Caulking

Nothing turns a buyer off like seeing a dark line of mold in your otherwise clean bathroom. This is an incredibly easy fix, doesn’t require much know-how to do at home (watching a Youtube video for guidance will suffice), and once it’s done your bathtub area will look a thousand times better.

Replace Your Lights

Take a look at available homes for sale on a popular listing site and take note of what makes one home look more inviting and appealing than another. One thing you’ll likely take note of is the lighting. Great lighting helps homes look more spacious and modern, while bad lighting makes homes look dark, cramped, and dated. Before you go to sell your home, replace lightbulbs that have gone out, consider replacing with a higher wattage bulb, and put more lamps in rooms without much natural light.

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