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  • There is a common saying in the Bay Area that you rely heavily on your agent's ability to close on a good home. We have enjoyed every part of the home-buying journey with David. David has a rich experience and portfolio as an agent in the Bay Area. He is well-connected and reputable across lenders, agents, appraisers, renovators and bankers. We spent many weekends with David shopping for our home, and more than two-thirds of people we met has worked with David. His network and 'team of experts' is crucial in closing smoothly on a home. An ideal buying agent is one who represents the best interests of the buyer. David prides himself in being an agent that honors this 'Agent's Creed' and it is deeply ingrained in his work philosophy. As a buyer, you want to pay a lower price. He has constantly come lower than our proposed offer price. He gathers data, builds competitive and attractive offers and finds time to meet and present offers to selling agents. David is completely respectful of our time and budget and we have never felt pressurized to stretch offers on potential homes. David is always there for us. He values the buyer's time more than his time, and always responds readily on any inquires and proactively makes sure the home buying process is smooth. This is remarkable because he is a high-volume agent and he is still able to be there for the buyer at any time. As a buyer, you do not want to buy the wrong home (that is a very costly mistake in the Bay Area!). On a number of times, David helped us avoid making emotional offers on sub-par homes when we felt pressured to buy fast. He felt like a close friend bluntly telling you the truths in order for you to make the best decision. The last thing I want to highlight while working with David is his deep passion for the job. David's real skill is his ability to impersonate and have empathy on representing the buyer or seller. He loves the offer negotiation process and treats it as a complex puzzle to solve. He evaluates different offers with varying strategies depending on the home, selling agent and situation. You can sense that he is enjoying his job in trying to make the best decisions by adapting to varying scenarios, and not simply churning home sales. All Bay Area homes are capable of selling themselves. Most agents would eventually receive their commission. David is different because I think he truly values building relationships (professional and personal). Everything is secondary to building good and lasting relationships, and he has worked very hard for all the past relationships he has built. We are very happy to have a great experience and good relationship with David, and we hope you will as well! Thank you David.

    Chris Z.

  • We were referred to Mani by a friend of ours. We had already met multiple realtors in the past and they weren’t very responsive, nor did they proactively send listings, or provide much insight. We found Mani to be refreshingly different - he was professional, knowledgeable, responsive and proactive! During our search, he would familiarize himself on properties of interest by calling their respective agents, put together the necessary information, and debrief us on what he learned all in a timely manner, which is key in such a fast-paced market. He would also add his personal opinion and feedback (which we valued greatly!). There were a few times I called him about a home I had seen online and he already knew something about it! He is also very well connected, and showed us a few homes that were being sold off-market. With Mani as our realtor, we felt like we finally had a true partner in our search and a competitive advantage because of his knowledge and experience. He made the process easy and took additional steps that other realtors frankly don’t. For example, on one property we had concerns regarding something on the disclosure report and he crawled into the attic to check insulation for us. Who does that?! When we first met Mani, he explained that his role is more service than sales. He proved that time and again, never pressuring us to make an offer but always making sure we had all the information we needed to make an informed decision. His knowledge of home construction and the local market is a huge plus! We were impressed with his ability to flag potential problems. Mani always preached that he would never want us to inherit someone’s else’s problems. Thank you again Mani for finding and negotiating a great price for our lovely home.


  • We needed to sell our home as we just purchased another. We had a Realtor who advised us there was no way our house would sell with us living there, she said “it wouldn’t show well”. This didn’t sit well with us as everyone has always told us how beautiful our house was inside and out. Our friend just sold her house in South San Francisco in 1 day! Our friend said call Dave Tapper now. We called Dave late on a Friday night explained our situation and he said if it’s okay I’ll come over. Dave came over, gave us a few suggestions and said he would have no problem selling our home. We signed Dave as our agent that night. Dave had all the steps in motion to sell the home. Dave kept us updated on every step of the process. We looked forward to talking to Dave often because he became a friend to us in such a short time. Dave is easy to talk to, honest and up front with expectations. Within 2 weeks our house was sold over more than we could imagine. More than happy with Dave, his great business sense, humor and how he turned a stressful process into a fun and profitable experience. If you want a top Agent, “Dave Tapper” is who you want. Thank you for everything Dave.

    Diane S.

  • We had searched Pacifica for about a year with other agents but couldn't find the right house. We then met Mani at an open house and started working with him. He would send us promising listings but would never pressure us. He wanted us to find the right house. With his background he knew what to look for and more importantly what to avoid. More than once he helped us walk away from houses that weren't quite right for us or were overpriced. He could have pushed us forward to get his commission quickly but he didn't. It turns out he sincerely wanted us to get the right house for us. Finally the right house came on the market. Mani strategized with us and did everything he possibly could to give us any edge in a very competitive multiple-offer situation. The house had 6 other offers and Mani helped us beat them all by just enough without overpaying. All through the process Mani assured me that the client and agent relationship is based on trust, loyalty, and integrity and Mani really came through for us. We now have our dream house and Mani made it possible.

    Tony D.

  • This man is the best. New found friend and a realtor at its best! My family and I were looking for a home for awhile and he didn’t fail us. Now we found our home sweet home. Home that feels so right for our family. And that's because of Mani’s awesome work. If you are looking for an incredible realtor, look no more coz Mani is the one. He has a house construction background which is a great help. Plus his patience and dedication towards his craft is impeccable. During the entire house hunting, he really took the time to explain the house condition and its surrounding area. We never felt rush. He is just one text and call away to answer any of our questions and concern. He answered in a timely manner and he is such a professional. Buying a house during the pandemic is no joke. But with the help of Mani, it made the whole house hunting journey less stressful for sure. Still can’t believe that we now have a house. Thank you so much Mani.


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