Marketing Your Home

When you get the listing, how are you going to market the home? Remember, the homeowner wants to sell their property for the most amount of money in the least bit of time.


Many homeowners don’t know what staging is or how valuable it is when selling a house. If you use a professional stager, be sure to express the importance of this preparation.


Where on the internet do your listings appear? Trulia? Maybe your part of a national brand with high-traffic websites? Homeowners what to see that the agent they hire can harness the power of the web.

 Professional Photos

Many property photos are awful. In fact, there is a website devoted to showcasing bad real estate photography. If you use a professional photographer, be sure to let the homeowner know. In fact, you may want to link to photos from your past listings.


Do you use email campaigns as a marketing channel? Maybe you use a service like MailChimp to blast to all of your past clients or others in your sphere of influence? Share the size of your email list and campaign frequency with the homeowner.

 Virtual Tour

Do you create virtual tours to give prospective buyers a feel for the house before setting a viewing appointment? Share this and even link to examples of your virtual tours.


Yes, there are still print marketing avenues that are used in the digital age. They may not be as effective as they once were, they still impress homeowners. Do you or your broker post homes in the local paper? How about distributing listing flyers through the homeowner’s neighborhood?

 Open Houses

Not every agent takes the time to hold open houses. If you do, make sure you let the potential client know.


This is a given for most agents, but it still needs to be stated and even explained. What is the Multiple Listing Service? Why does it help sell a property quickly?

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