Mac McCarthy

How Bay Area Real Estate Can Save You Gas!

     In this ever changing real estate market buyers are looking for value and validation of price.  Fortunately, the real estate on the San Francisco Peninsula may provide one the best values in terms of gas savings.  Everyone knows about hybrids and fuel efficient cars, but how about the value in driving shorter distances.  Regardless of where you are located on the peninsula you can be assured of being in close proximity to San Francisco, San Jose, the beach, the ball park, multiple international airports, and let’s not forget the beautiful Napa Valley wine country. With the price of gas climbing by the day, it’s becoming increasingly important to become more conservative in our travels.  My suggestion for any perspective buyer is to map the areas in which you travel most, before making your next purchase.
The days where folks drive 100-200 miles per day to get to work and home are becoming passé. There has never been a better time to purchase now than in the last 12-13 years in terms of value and the cost of money.

David Tapper

Can I buy a home that is not for sale/not on the market?

I was asked recently if it”s possible to purchase a home that”s not on the market, or prior to it going on the market. Sure it is, as long as you and the seller can agree on the price and terms. Agreeing on the price is the easy thing, but who is going to pay for the closing costs, transfer fees, licensed inspectors, etc? Knowing the language in the contract is very important. You also need to determine if you want Liquidated Damages, and or Arbitration clauses included.

I would strongly advise you to have a Realtor who knows the area to help represent you. I”ve been asked if it”s better to use a Real Estate Professional over a Real Estate Attorney? While pokies online both know the legal aspects of the contract, using a Realtor would be more advantageous because the Realtor is the one who knows the inventory, floor plans, and comps in the area.

It”s one thing to look at the comps and compare the prices, square footage, as well as the lot size, it”s another to have seen these properties and walked thru them to determine if the home had functional floor plans.

Finally, the person who represents you should have strong negotiation skills.

Good luck! If you have any real estate questions that you need answered, feel free to call or write.

Mac McCarthy

What is the difference between a short sale and a bank owned property?

This is a very common question I am asked at every open house.  To answer the question very simply, a short sale is owned by private owners who owe the bank more than their house is worth on the open market and a bank owned property or REO (Real Estate Owned…By Lender) is owned directly by the bank.  Now what does this all mean to the buyer?  In general, a short sale involves much more waiting and is affected by more variables.  First of all, the short sale departments of these banks and lenders are very busy right now and unfortunately are having trouble keeping up with their rising work load.  They also still must deal with owners on record who may live in the home, may still be paying a payment, and in most cases aren’t happy that they are losing their home.  On the flip side a bank owned property is vacant and directly owned by the bank.  Being that the bank does not want to be responsible for the property while it’s vacant, they will usually price the home more aggressively.  The bank will also usually respond to an offer within 5 business days, while short sale response can and in most cases take months.


Brendan Aiello

David Tapper’s Past Real Estate Sales History!

As a Google Maps experimentation, I thought it would be interesting to create a Google XML Map to show David Tapper’s Sales History. Here is a map that shows a magority of David Tapper’s California Real Estate Sales History!

This map will be updated as time progesses. Last updated 5/18/08.

Brendan Aiello

Hillsborough Family Fun Run – 06/01/08

On June 1st 2008, The Hillsborough Schools Foundation will be holding its 15th Annual Hillsborough Family Fun Run. Event participants are invited to walk or run the 2K, 5k, or 10k course throughout Hillsborough. Check-in begins at 7:00am. If you are interested in registering for this event please register online by going to

Be on the lookout for Team Tapper representatives. Some of us will be volunteering at the water stations with our fellow Cashin Company (San Mateo) co-workers. I believe our booth will be located on Bromfield Rd in Hillsborough.

Hope to see your there!

-Brendan Aiello