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If there is one common question that I am frequently asked by agents and buyers during my open house, it is this.
There are many reasons why sellers decide to sell. Some want to move to a larger home, some want to downsize.
Some home owners have to sell because of job loss, loss of income, or job transfer.
There are other home owners who want to sell because they have lost their love ones, lost their partner or divorce. Some just want to cash out. As you can see these are just a few of the many reasons why home owners sell.
With that said, some sellers don’t want their agent to tell prospective buyers why they are selling because they don’t want others to know their private business, which I can understand completely.
So my question to you is, why is it important to you?

David Tapper

Divorce & Real Estate! How do you evaluate your home?


Getting divorced is tough enough. It can be very emotional for everyone. But what happens when real estate is involved? It make matters much more difficult.
Many families are torn when deciding who gets what. How do we split our real estate portfolio? How do we know what is fair, how do we evaluate the values?
Can you imagine how difficut it must be for Frank and Jaime McCourt, the owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team? Not that you should feel sorry for the McCourts and their difficult task of dividing their Hundreds of Millions in a reported nasty divorce. But it does make it that much more difficult.

If you are not selling the property(s)The first and easiest, along with the least inexpensive would be for you to have your Realtor evaluate it. You should actually have multiple agents come and do a market analysis.

Another thing you can do is ask your Realtor to do a “REV”. A “REV” is short for a review. Your Realtor will ask his/ her associates in their office 2012/ 58377 / giochi di casino /SCO del 21 dicembre 2012 – Revoca della convenzione di concessione n. to come and give their respective opinions on value. This will allow you to have 10-20-30  different agents provide value in one day. It”s also free!
Usually attorney”s have appraisers come and give their opinion of value. But remember, an appraisal is just an opinion from one person.
The easiest solution is to sell for market value and then divide your assets, but usually one spouse would prefer to stay in the home.
There are no easy answers to this difficult problem, but asking your agent to evaluate your home may be a good way to start.
Brendan Aiello

What Happened to the Monday Market Reports?

I have been getting  a few emails lately asking me, “What happened to the Monday Real Estate Market Reports?” Well, the answer is simple. They are so popular, we made our own site for them alone that is being run by my father, Peter Aiello!

So, if you want to read & review the best local & hyper local real estate market reports in the area, check out:!

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Cashin Company has been acquired by Coldwell Banker.

 Yesterday afternoon, November 11, 2010, Skip Cashin sent out a companywide email saying that the Cashin Company family has exciting news to share with all their agents and personnel and would be meeting at the Menlo Park Country Club for a meeting  and lunch tomorrow.

 Today, an emotional Skip Cashin announced that he has sold Cashin Company Realtors to Coldwell Banker, effective immediately.

 Rick Turley, President of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in the San Francisco Bay Area will take over and feels that acquiring Cashin Company is a great fit in terms Now this is tricky ,because money when it is is different to when it is not . of respective cultures, their core values and the strength in our local marketplace in the luxury market.

 Coldwell Banker will take over the 270 agents who were with Cashin Company and now has 60 offices and over 3,500 sales associates who accounted for more than $11 Billion in sales volume last year.

 I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank Mr. Skip Cashin and his family for the opportunity to work for such a respected family run business.

 Lastly, I would like to welcome Rick Turley and his team of professionals. I look forward to working with you and Coldwell Banker  starting today

David Tapper

David Tapper




Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants. The 2010 World Series Champions!
Wow, being a San Francisco Native, I have never been so proud. All the heartaches from the loses to both the Oakland A”s in 1989 and then the Angels in the 2002 World Series make this Championship so much sweeter. I”m not including the 1962 loss to the New York Yankees because I was only 1 years old.
Edgar Renteria was the MVP of the World Series with home runs in two of pokies online the games, and batted over 400. Many fans including myself have complained how the Giants overpaid for Renteria two years ago when they offered him a two year deal for $18,000,000. Well that investment paid off last night. Big time!
This was truly a team win. Home grown talent from the drafting of these kids to adding a few misfits here and there made up the Champions. The pitching, from the starters to the bullpen pitched outstanding.
I think one of the big reasons the Giants won was because they were in a playoff mode since late August. Trailing the San Diego Padres for almost the entire season and then also fighting off the Colorado Rockies really prepared the team for the playoffs.
There will be a parade tomorrow, November 3rd 2010 honoring the Giants that will go down market street and end at Civic Center.