Fay Tapper

California High Speed Rail – Our Best Friend or Our Worst Enemy?

Almost two weeks ago our manager informed us about new forms needed to advise and disclose California residents of the new High Speed Rail plans.

Earlier this week, an associate of ours from Cashin Company  shot out a company wide e-mail describing a Palo Alto city council meeting. At this meeting, many residents and business owners were concerned about the appearance of this new system. Below is a YouTube Video of a Palo Alto architect (Jim McFall) of the proposed location and appearance of online pokies the system in Palo Alto.

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Brendan Aiello

Has The Real Estate Market Hit Bottom Yet?

Currently, this is the most common question Realtors hear today. “Have we hit the bottom yet?” No, but we are very close. This blog post is being posted to annouce our new Monday Market Analysis. I will post a chart of all currently Active, Pending, and Sold listings in Belmont, Burlingame, Foster City, Hillsborough, Redwood Shores, and San Mateo. All the information will be taken from similar weeks from four years past (Seasonal Smoothing) to try to limit seasonality distorting the numbers and put into a graph.

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David Tapper

“There’s A New Lion In The Jungle!”

I am proud to announce Team Tapper’s newest realtor, Brendan Aiello.
Although Brendan is not a new member to Team Tapper (Brendan has been
the team assistant for over 4 years), we are all very proud that
Brendan made the plunge to “realtorship”. Brendan is following his
father’s footsteps (our office manager), Peter Aiello who is also very
excited for Cashin Company’s newest addition.

As you will soon notice, Brendan is one of the most technologically
advanced Realtors in the area. He even takes credit for getting this
blog underway. I also accredit Brendan for using the internet to
enhance our team marketing plan and making our investor database fast
and easy to use.

Welcome aboard, Brendan!


Fay Tapper

Protect your ASSets. Use a Rental Real Estate Agent.

Hi Everyone,

This is my first blog post so forgive me if my formatting is a little off. I have been fortunate enough to find my niche in the real estate market. I am a rental Realtor who caters to the needs of prospective tenants and landlords looking to fill vacancies with their income investment properties.

So in this blog post I will address the needs of investment property owners.

Real estate investors (or geniuses, as I like to call them) – Sit back, relax and watch your bank account grow, as I find quality clients to pay the top tier of market rent prices. I do this by creating and maintaining an up-to-date marketing plan that is molded specifically to rent your unit quickly. My goal is always to have a tenant lined up before the prior tenant moves out. I have all the documentation – contracts, kierrostaSiirry casinolle »Jos olet vasta aloittamassa casino peliharrastusta, et valttamatta osaa helposti arvioida casinon luotettavuutta. applications, credit report forms/services, etc. If you should choose to accept Section 8 tenants, I have friends at the housing urban development (HUD) that give casino online me extensive information to ensure quality tenants are moving to your apartment, condo, or home. I also have a online casino proven list The big advantage of a hair follicle take home drug test is that it shows drug use as far back as 90 days. of affordable contractors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, gardeners, etc. if you should need a recommendation.

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Shu Tien

The Number, "4" is Unlucky to Many Buyers!

In America, the number “13” is notorious for being superstitiously unlucky. In the Chinese culture, many people consider the number “4” unlucky, because in Chinese and some dialects, such as Taiwanese, the number “4” has the same pronunciation as that of the character for “death”, and because of this, many Asian cultures associate this number with death. For many years people regard it as the inauspicious numeral and avoid it deliberately.

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