Brendan Aiello

Burger Joint on Burlingame Avenue!

 Burger Joint Restaurant on Burlingame Avenue


Burger Joint has been providing high quality hamburgers to San Francisco since 1994. Peninsula residents are lucky though, Burger Joint has set up shop in Burlingame. They”ve just opened the doors to their first location south of San Francisco and, picked a great area in need of casino a burger spot, Burlingame Avenue. Burger Joint proudly serves all natural sustainably and humanely raised Niman Ranch meats.

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Brendan Aiello

Sprinkles Cupcakes Opens in Stanford Shopping Center


Sprinkles Cupcakes Palo Alto Store Front @ Stanford Shopping Center


A new Southern California favorite has opened in Palo Alto!

Sprinkles Cupcakes has a new, and already booming location in the Stanford Shopping Center between Schaub’s Meat, Fish, & Poultry and Bang & Olufsen.

Just the walk from the parking lot to the bakery will have your mouth watering, as you can smell the sweet snacks baking from far off.

Being that Sprinkles just opened there was a pretty good sized line (about 15-20min) out the door when I stopped by for my tasty treats today. The store, inside and out is very clean looking and simple. The entire front is glass paneling with a “Sprinkles” sign above the door. The inside is accommodating to all customers with a glass display of fresh and ready to eat cupcakes when you first walk in. The cupcake and beverage menu is printed in a modern text on the back wall and very easy to read.

There are over 20 cupcake flavors to choose from, each just as good as the other. I noticed some favorites among the patrons; Red Velvet,3 Cupcakes From Sprinkles Cupcakes in Palo Alto, CA Black and White, Chocolate Marshmallow and Lemon Coconut. Be sure to grab a cup of milk to wash your favortie flavor down with.

Sprinkles was founded by Candace Nelson and her husband in Beverly Hills, CA. Candace and her husband still oppertate out of that first location but have expanded to 6 other locations all over the U.S. and more to come! Sprinkles Cupcakes are always fresh and scratch-made everyday, you can’t get any better than that people!

So not only has Sprinkles brought a great new treat to the Peninsula, they make it easier than ever to enjoy these sweet snacks; you can pre-order your pick-up online with only 24hrs advance notice.

After delivering a few of these to my girlfriend at work, she says; ” you know, cupcakes are the new flowers”.

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Lisa Karson

Review of Dianda's Bakery in San Mateo!

I just bought a home in the lovely Baywood Park area of San Mateo. When I told my Mother-in law where we purchased our new home she told me I have to go to Dianda”s Bakery in the Crystal Springs Shopping Center. My mother in-law is originally from North Beach in people have a more literary bent as compared to Virgo people who are more mathematics-oriented. San Francisco and informed me that the Good questions to ask about a potential driving safe driving school are: Who would be teaching me? What casino online training do they have? Do casino they have any background in teaching? How long have they been driving instructors? Etc. lovely pastries and cakes that she has been bringing casino online to our Pour une experience de jeux inoubliable, n”hesitez pas a jouer sur le casino sans depot Grand Parker. family get togethers have casinovern been from Dianda”s in San Mateo. I can tell you the cakes are delicious.
Lisa Karson
Cashin Company

Dianda”s Italian American Co.

4 reviews – Review Dianda”s Italian American Co

(650) 570-6260

117 De Anza Blvd 
San Mateo, CA 94402