David Tapper

Huge Spike in Pocket Listings!

As mentioned in my blog post “What is a pocket listing”, I receive emails when a pocket listing becomes available. I also receive tips on pocket listing via word-of-mouth through agents in the industry. 

Because people are losing money from their investments, losing their jobs, getting pay cuts, etc. a great number of people  can no longer afford their homes. 

On the peninsula, many don’t want their friends and neighbors to know this unfortunate information. So, they decide to sell their home discretely via a pocket listing. If you are looking at purhcasing a home, but don’t like the homes that are on the market, make sure you avail yourself to homes off the market too. 

If you are interested in purchasing a home and want to see on-market and/or off-market please feel free to contact me. There are currently many homes for sale in Burlingame, Hillsborough, and the San Mateo area that are not on the MLS.

David Tapper

Should I Counter A Low Ball Offer?

Sellers, if you receive a low ball offer, should you counter the buyers offer or just decline it? The answer is yes, you should always counter any and all offers. Always put the ball back in play!

It”s not uncommon for sellers get upset that a prospective buyer would low ball them, but many times the buyer is just feeling you out. How do they know what the bottom line is? What do you have to lose by giving them a counter offer? Nothing. You are that much closer to a deal. Really, It”s the starting point online casino in negotiation.

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David Tapper

I’m selling and buying, what should I do first?

Yesterday, one of my clients (who is both selling his current home and buying another home) asked me if he should sell first or buy. I told him there are always two ways to skin a cat and with the market changing, we need to do things differently and also start thinking outside the box. 

While the temptation may be great to buy a replacement home first, being it”s a buyer’s market; I think it puts the seller/buyer at great risk.


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Mac McCarthy

Should I sell or should I wait?

Should I sell my home in today’s market or Should I wait and rent it out until the market goes back up?


These are two questions I hear a lot these days. In order for me to answer these questions, I must ask a couple questions myself.  First off, if you sell your home, what’s your next move? If you are planning on buying another home or property you’re going to benefit from this market on the buying end. In some cases, you may be buying in a different  market that has been hit harder. To address the second question, in regards to renting out your property and waiting for the market to go back up;  I would ask what’s your time frame? If you are only planning to rent it out for a year or two, then you probably won’t see the market appreciate  much.

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David Tapper

Should I Buy A Home Warranty When I Purchase A Home?

Last Friday, I posted an article defining a home warranty. This week I will answer the question, “Should I buy a home warranty when I purchase my home?” If you asked 10 buyers or real estate agents I’m sure the answer to the question would be split.

When you purchase a home you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. The cost is relatively cheap, somewhere between $250-$550 depending on the coverage and if it has a pool or spa.

I suggest you purchase the warranty for two reasons. One, you will have piece of mind. Two, even if you use it once, you will probably get your money’s worth. Don’t try to save a minimal amount when you are purchasing the most expensive investment of your life.

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