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Map of the San Mateo Park Neighborhood!

I am currently in the process of making maps for all the San Mateo Neighborhoods. Below you will see my first map!

 This is a map of the San Mateo Park Neighborhood located in San Mateo, CA. However, please remember that this is only a rough sketch and before purchasing a home, please make sure the house in the correct neighborhood. Check back for more maps and updated maps in the future.

View San Mateo Park in a larger map

Brendan Aiello

San Mateo Central Park Music Series Starts June 12th, 2008!

This is a fantastic series of musical performances that takes place in San Mateo”s Central Park every Thursday night from 6pm – 8pm. These Shows are FREE! I highly recommend visiting one of Downtown San Mateo”s many restaurants and walking over to the park. Or enjoy onsite food vendors in the park. You can also see casino a movie before or after the concert at San Mateo”s Downtown Century Movie Theater (you can purchase tickets online at;

Whether you like to dance, socialize, or just sit on the lawn and enjoy the music, The San Mateo Central Park Music Series is a great event to attend!

San Mateo Music Series Important Links:
San Mateo Central Park Band-Line Up Music Schedule

Downtown Restaurant Guide

Central Park Music Series FAQ

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San Mateo Park Links

For all the viewers who live in or are interested in the San Mateo Park Neighborhood, I decided to post up some links you may find helpful. Here they are:

The “Official” Website of The San Mateo Park Neighborhood

The Offical Website of San Mateo Park School

A Google map of San Mateo Park (also has some pictures)

Zillow’s San Mateo Park Overview

Team Tapper’s San Mateo Park Local Neighborhood Information & Happenings

Hope These Help! If you have any more questions about the San Mateo Park Neighborhood, Please Contact Us @ (650) 403-6262!

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San Mateo Park School Walk-A-Jog! (Saturday – May 17th, 2008)

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Hey There,

Another great local event is taking place soon! Having been born and raised in San Mateo Park has had its benefits. One of those benefits was being able to attend San Mateo Park Elementary School. The “Walk-a-Jog,” the school’s most notable annual fundraiser, is an event where students gather sponsors to donate per-lap. Then, Run, Walk or Jog to accumulate laps. The course consists of the four connected streets (Clark, Crescent, West Bellevue, & Hurlingham) surrounding the school which are closed to handle the stampede of running students. Participants are later awarded and ranked based on laps completed. After the race, the PTA puts on a carnival-style event with food, entertainment, a raffle and/or silent auction. Over the years, I have attended many of Park School’s Walk-A-Jog events. From all of which, I can recall great memories that will last a lifetime!

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Mac McCarthy

Video/Virtual Tour Of San Mateo!

Hello Everyone,

After Lisa finding that great video of Burlingame, I decided to look for a video tour of San Mateo. I found that also produced a quick virtual tour of San Mateo. It covers a lot of Downtown San Mateo (B Street, 3rd Avenue, 4th Avenue, etc.) They also cover the 25th Avenue shopping area and the San Mateo portion of the “San Francisco Bay Trail”. I hope you find this video informative and entertaining.

 –Mac McCarthy