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Map of the Parkside Neighborhood!

Here is a map of the “Parkside” Neighborhood located in San Mateo, CA 94403

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* This is a rough sketch of the area and should be confirmed by a professional.

Brendan Aiello

Map of the Harbortown Neighborhood!

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* This is a rough sketch of the area and should be confirmed by a professional.

Brendan Aiello

Information on Pershing Park Located in the Burlingame Park Neighborhood!

Pershing Park in Burlingame, CA 94010

Growing up in San Mateo Park, my mom and dad often took me to Pershing Park located in neighboring Burlingame Park. Pershing Park was actually an old elementary school that got converted into a neighborhood park in the early 80’s (However, I was too young to remember it as a school).
I have so many childhood memories at this park, although; the park I used to play in is not the park you see today. About 5 or 6 years ago they remodeled the park and added some new features, but removed the sand. Instead, they added a new type of rubber ground under the play structures which is safer for kids to play on. While safety padding may not be as fun, at least parents can rest assured that their children are playing in an area that is as safe as possible.
The park is smaller than most local parks but is not to be overlooked. It has a few half-size basketball courts, a backboard style tennis/raquetball wall, a decent sized play structure, and a great size lawn that is pet/dog friendly. The park can get a little crowded on weekends during peak hours. However, if you are able to bring your children to Pershing Park during a weekday, I consider this park to be second to none.

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Pershing Park is Located at 138 Newlands Avenue in Burlingame, CA 94010

Mac McCarthy

Parkside Neighborhood Information!

San Mateo Marina / Lagoon Waterfront

The Parkside area of San Mateo is one of this city”s best kept secrets.  Residents of Parkside have the privilege of 2 lagoon laced parks, schools which include competitive test scores and special features, close access to 101 and 92, and a truly affordable value. 

San Mateo is home to many fine parks, but only Parkside has two parks with the Marina Lagoon running through them.  First we have Joinville Park which has a community pool, baseball diamond, play equipment, tennis courts, Joinville Community Pool in Parkside/San Mateo, CAfishing pier, and trail that leads to the bay.  Joinville has numerous picnic areas complete with barbeques and tables.  The parks huge fields of grass support a wide variety sports.  Secondly we have Parkside Aquatic Park which includes a sandy beach, volleyball pit, play equipment, boat launch, kayak rentals, and a swim zone.  The park also includes tables and barbeques.  Both parks have become popular spots for birthdays and can be reserved for events through the city. 

The city of San Mateo has many good schools, but Parkside schools offer a little nbso more.  For example Parkside Elementary School not only boasts a competitive API score of 784, but also offers a very popular Montessori program.  Parkside also has multiple pre-schools on campus.  Parkside Elementary is not the only school in Parkside to provide special features; Bayside Middle School for the Arts and Creative Technology emphasizes learning through technology and the Arts.  Bayside”s campus also provides a modern performing arts center, which regularly holds plays and musicals.  Finally there”s Aragon High School, which isn”t in Parkside, but is the high school all Parkside schools feed into.  Aragon has always been well known for there sports program and carries an impressive API score of 800.

In these times of high gas prices, people need to be close to work and leisure activities.  Parkside provides easy access to 101 and 92.  It is under 20 miles from the Giants ballpark and only 9 miles from San Francisco Intl Airport. 

Parkside for all its amenities provides great value.  Homes here can range from $500,000″s-$1,000,000.  Homes in the entry level area usually have a two car garage, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and usually have at least a 5,000 sq ft lot.  Homes in the higher end are those which sit on the lagoon.  These homes have 2 car garage, 3 or more bedrooms, at least 2 bathrooms and much larger lots. 

For any further info on the Parkside area of San Mateo; please contact Mac McCarthy.  I have been a resident of the area for 25 years and know the area top to bottom.  Below is further information on Parkside schools and Parks. 



Parkside School


Bayside School


Parks Mateo/112026/Bayside-Joinville-Park.html

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Map of the Baywood Knolls Neighborhood!

Here is a map of the “Baywood Knolls” Neighborhood located in San Mateo, CA 94402

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* This is a rough sketch of the area and should be confirmed by a professional.