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“What is the address of Carolands Mansion?”

Hello Readers,

By using a program called “Google Analytics“, I can see how people come to our page. We have had a lot of inbound traffic because of the map of the Carolands neighborhood map we posted a while back. I can also see that some people came looking for the address of the Carolands Mansion address but did not find the information they were looking for. So here it is, The address of the Carolands Mansion in Hillsborough, California.

565 Remillard Drive – Hillsborough, CA 94010

If you click the link above it will take you to a satalite view of the mansion. Also be aware that the lot of the manison streches from street-to-street. Therefore, the back of the mansion can also be viewed from Craig Road in Hillsborough, CA.

Brendan Aiello

Map of The Carolands Neighborhood!

Here is a map of the “Carolands” Neighborhood, this area is commonly referred to as “The Carolands”  and is located in Hillsborough, CA 94010.

Within the Carolands Neighborhood lies the Remillard and Chateau Estates Tracts.

The Carlands Neighborhood is most noted for “The Carolands Mansion”, the most historically significant mansion in Hillsborough.


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* This is a rough sketch of the area and should be confirmed by a professional