Shu Tien

The Number, "4" is Unlucky to Many Buyers!

In America, the number “13” is notorious for being superstitiously unlucky. In the Chinese culture, many people consider the number “4” unlucky, because in Chinese and some dialects, such as Taiwanese, the number “4” has the same pronunciation as that of the character for “death”, and because of this, many Asian cultures associate this number with death. For many years people regard it as the inauspicious numeral and avoid it deliberately.

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David Tapper

Huge Spike in Pocket Listings!

As mentioned in my blog post “What is a pocket listing”, I receive emails when a pocket listing becomes available. I also receive tips on pocket listing via word-of-mouth through agents in the industry. 

Because people are losing money from their investments, losing their jobs, getting pay cuts, etc. a great number of people  can no longer afford their homes. 

On the peninsula, many don’t want their friends and neighbors to know this unfortunate information. So, they decide to sell their home discretely via a pocket listing. If you are looking at purhcasing a home, but don’t like the homes that are on the market, make sure you avail yourself to homes off the market too. 

If you are interested in purchasing a home and want to see on-market and/or off-market please feel free to contact me. There are currently many homes for sale in Burlingame, Hillsborough, and the San Mateo area that are not on the MLS.

Lisa Karson

Martini’s at the Mansion – March 21, 2009

  Martini’s at the Mansion is OLA’s Annual Dinner Dance. This event will be held at the Kohl Mansion in Burlingame on March 21, 2009. The event starts at 5pm with cocktails and dinner is to be served at 6:30pm following dinner is a live  auction & raffle. Top raffle prize is $15,000 – CASH! Second place is $3,500 and Third Place is $1,500. Hurry and buy  your casino online Ich hei?e dich recht casino online herzlich Willkommen auf spelautomater pa natet gratis -Plaza. raffle tickets only : Check out the latest pics of chatting with justin bieber is seen with a friend casino online all dressed online casino up for a night out on a yacht party in the coastal getaway. 300 are sold for the $15,000 grand prize; tickets are $100 a piece.


 Thank you visitors for your constant support of Burlingame”s Our Lady of Angels Private School!


For More information on the dinner dance please contact one of the dance chairs:

Laura Blue: (650) 697-2209
Carol Gaul: (650) 344-5263
Trish Walker: (650) 689-5056

David Tapper

Team Tapper Is Proud To Announce A New Member!

Team Tapper is proud to introduce our newest member, Shu Tien. Shu Tien is an experienced and licensed Realtor in California. She has graduated from the Real Estate Institute (GRI) and has Pass Drug pass drug test urine : How to Pass a Drug pass drug test urine : Passing Drug pass drug test urine : Saliva Drug pass drug test urine : Hair Follicle Drug pass drug test urine : Nicotine Drug pass drug test urine : Drug Testing Information : Urine Drug pass drug test urine : Passing Marijuanaa : Drug online casino Detection Time : Pass Your Drug pass drug test urine : We specialize in Permanent and Same Day Body Cleansers and offer reliable overnight shipping @ PassAnyTest. become a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE). Being a Certified Distressed Property Expert gives Shu a wealth of knowledge in buying and selling Bank-Owned Properties (Foreclosures/REOs) and Short-Sales.

Shu is also fluent in two Chinese language dialects; Mandarin and Taiwanese.

For More Information on Shu Tien, Please Visit Her Website:

Shu can be contacted at: (650) 922-8028 or

David Tapper

Government 2.0 – Obama’s First Weekly Address!

This past Saturday, President-Elect Barack Obama released his first weekly address via

Whether you were an Obama or McCain supporter during the elections, you have to respect Obama’s ability to communicate with the people via new mediums. Obama has taken the United States first step towards “Government 2.0”.

Although this new style of communication is very cool, his message is scary. In his address, you can see a man who is focused with the drive that is needed to give us hope. Do I think Obama is going to be the cure all? No! However he gives us and millions of others hope that the government is going to try new ideas to get us out of this current mess.

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