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Many buyers are deciding if “now” is a good time to purchase a home/condo/investment while property values have decreased, and rates are still very low.
There is also the tax credit for buyers, but that might not be available by the time you decide to purchase a property.
Trying to time the market is very difficult. By the time we all figure out that the real estate market has hit the bottom, it will be on an upswing.
Here is what you should consider. If you are thinking of purchasing a property and keeping it for 2-3 years and then selling, then you probably shouldn’t purchase at this time. I don’t feel it’s safe for you to make that big of an investment, in such a short period of time.
If you know you are going to keep your home for at least 5-7 years or more, I think you will be much better off and minimize the risk in making such a big Investment.
Interview 2-3 Realtors and see if they are a good fit for you. Getting a referral from a trusted friend or relative is a great way to find an agent, but it still has to be a good fit for you.
Ask the agent if they can provide you 5-6 past clients who you can all and ask questions about their representation.
The agent you decide to work with should be very knowledgeable. This includes knowing of the area where you are looking, networks well with other agents( a good agent talks with other top agents and hears about properties before they come on the market) has a very good grasp of the value of the properties, knows the contract inside and out, and isn’t scared to negotiate a good price for you. (If you are looking for a good deal, you cannot be scared to lose a home you like, emotion cost money).
Your agent should not try to sell you a home, like, oh look at the new kitchen, or the crown moldings. The home should sell itself. The agent also shouldn’t make you feel that you “have” to make an offer. This is a huge investment, the biggest in your lifetime and you don’t need any added pressure.
Making an offer is only part of that. You will have contingencies. A contingency simply means “subject to”. You will probably have 2 or 3 contingencies in your purchase contract. Subject to your loan and the pest and home inspections.
Your agent should treat you like a friend, or better yet a brother or sister. They should take you by the hand and walk you through the process and protect you as best they can.
The difference between a good agent and a great agent is their knowledge and their ability to use that knowledge to their advantage.
If you would like me to email you information for first time home buyers that will give you a step by step account of what goes on and when in a real estate transaction and what you will need to bring to your lender, email me or give me a call. There is no obligation whatsoever.
You can also visit my websites for any real estate related questions at or
Thank you.


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Happy New Year Everyone. I hope you had a safe holiday.

Everyone is always looking for a good deal and they are out there if you have time and patience.

Short Sales are one way of finding a good buy. The pros to Short Sales are that buyers can pick up a property at below market prices. Sometimes. But at what cost? Time. The investment of time.

Many agents and their buyers hate Short Sales because they can take from a best case scenario of 2-3  months, to a worse case 6-12 months before the bank gets back to you with their answer.

That’s right. It could take 6-12 months before you even know if you are going to get the property and you still may not get it for the price you offered

I recently read on Active Rain, (a Popular Website for Real Estate Agents)an agent is entering their 18th months waiting on a Short Sale. There were complications that were not the norm but that’s rediculous.

You might ask why?  Why does it take so long before the banks get back to the buyers who made offers? That’s a whole different story all to itself and will be answered in another blog. There could be multiple problems involved.

More importantly, this is the question you need to ask yourself. Is it worth the wait if you can purchase a home for less than the market value versus the amount of time it may take? Only you  who can answer that.

This is what I would suggest if you are looking to purchase a Short Sale or looking to sell your home as a Short Sale.

These things may speed up the process. Work with a knowledgeable agent who knows the in and outs of the Short Sale process. Insist that your agent use an exprienced 3rd party negotiator. This is someone who works at negotiating for all the parties involved (The Buyer, The Sellers, The Agents and The Lender) and does this as their profession.

If you are the seller, make sure to fill out your package completely so the bank and the buyers are not waiting for you.

In my next blog, I will address some of the reasons Short Sales take so long and Solutions to fix the problem.


David Tapper


Hello everyone, Tuesday night I sat in on the discussion regarding the new sewer lateral upgrade in the Village. 

The event was sponsored by B Street. & Vine ( located at 320 S. B St. in San Mateo) who provided a very nice spread of delicious food for all the guests.

 The Village is the first neighborhood in the City of San Mateo that this is being offered to because quite frankly, it’s the leakiest.

For a limited time, the City of San Mateo  is offering a free inspection, with no obligation, valued at $250 to come out and take a TV inspection to determine if your sewer lateral is defective

 If you do not take advantage of this now, it will move on to the next neighborhood in San Mateo.

 This outreach program is to promote the efforts and assist single family home owners with repair of deteriorated private sewer laterals. These efforts to help the Village home owners will span 5 years and will utilize $750,000 of the fines assessed as part of the March 11, 2009 Cease and Desist Order as a funding source for grants and loans to homeowners in the Village for the private sewer lateral upgrade program.

 Because times are tough, the City is offering reimbursement grants ( up to 50% of the replacement cost) or very low interest loans will be available to qualifying residents who want to replace their sewer lateral because of root infiltration, breaks, cracks, failed pipe, “ orangeburg” pipe, and alignment problems.

 The grants are for up to 50% for families with less than $81,573 combined income. If you earn more than that, there is financing at extremely low interest rates under 2%, financed up to 3  years. (If you earn less than the $81,573, you may  also be able to finance the rest.)

 In regards to real estate, one thing you may want to keep in mind is that if you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, having the inspection can also create more value if your home has been upgraded.

 But, if you decide to get the inspection and not do the upgrade if it’s needed, this could reduce the value of your home, and will also be a disclosure issue that will need to be exposed to any potential buyers.

From my experience, it’s only a matterof time before this becomes mandatory, just like the cities of Burlingame and Hillsborough. As a matter of fact, that’s the question I posed at the meeting and was told that the City Council  may take a vote on this in the Spring.

The main speaker, ( Sheri Costa-Batis) with the Dept of Public Works did a terrific job explaining the project and answering everyone’s questions. If you have any questions, please call Sheri direct at 650-522-7334 or you can email her at


 David “Tap” Tapper

David Tapper

Should We Try To Purchase A Home During The Holidays or Wait?

Purchasing a home during the holidays could be a real blessing because a lot of buyers have other priorities like Thanksgiving,Christmas and New Years.

Timing is everything and sometimes things fall through the cracks and there is a home just waiting to be plucked. As I said, buyers have other things on their minds and a lot of agents take a good portion of December off figuring that there won”t be any new inventory coming up and they will have some downtime.

Agents are also burned out a little. So, if you are in the market to purchase near the Holidays, it could be a stroke of luck.

For me, it”s time to put the pedal to the metal and make some things happen for my buyers.

Have a Safe And Happy Holidays.



David Tapper

“What is the address of Carolands Mansion?”

Hello Readers,

By using a program called “Google Analytics“, I can see how people come to our page. We have had a lot of inbound traffic because of the map of the Carolands neighborhood map we posted a while back. I can also see that some people came looking for the address of the Carolands Mansion address but did not find the information they were looking for. So here it is, The address of the Carolands Mansion in Hillsborough, California.

565 Remillard Drive – Hillsborough, CA 94010

If you click the link above it will take you to a satalite view of the mansion. Also be aware that the lot of the manison streches from street-to-street. Therefore, the back of the mansion can also be viewed from Craig Road in Hillsborough, CA.