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Hi, I’m Brendan Aiello. I was born and raised here on the Peninsula. I have been surrounded by Real Estate my whole life. My family is comprised of Real Estate Brokers (Peter Aiello & Theresa Aiello), Property Managers, Developers, and Contractors. I have always wanted to follow in my family's footsteps and be involved in the local Peninsula Real Estate. I am now a proud second generation Peninsula Realtor ready to serve. Living in a very tech-savvy area of the country has influenced me to become involved with computers from an early age. I'm lucky to have found my own niche in the Real Estate industry that interests me-- the technology & marketing behind Real Estate sales. Whether it is enhancing my ability to communicate or my ability to market my client’s listings - technology enables me to give my clients properties “Maximum Exposure”. Whether you are thinking of buying or selling, please give me a call.

Brendan Aiello

What Happened to the Monday Market Reports?

I have been getting  a few emails lately asking me, “What happened to the Monday Real Estate Market Reports?” Well, the answer is simple. They are so popular, we made our own site for them alone that is being run by my father, Peter Aiello!

So, if you want to read & review the best local & hyper local real estate market reports in the area, check out:!

Brendan Aiello

PG&E Pipeline Mapping; Locate Underground Gas Lines

After the San Bruno Fire, Home owners & buyers have a lot of concern if they live near underground pipelines that could put themsevleves and their families at risk.

So for your ease, here is a link to the Federal National Pipeline Mapping dgfev online casino System:
This shows all the major gas pipelines, above and below ground and includes storage tanks.  At the current time, this is the only resource I can find. If you know something better or that can be used in addition to this, please let me know.

Brendan Aiello

Osteria Coppa – Downtown San Mateo’s Newest Hot Spot

Official Opening Night at Osteria Coppa (sister restaurant to Sam’s Chowder House) in Downtown San Mateo was a success! The new restaurant was abuzz with friendly-foodies looking very content with what was being severed up from the uber-fresh menu offered on August 25th, 2010. This lively spot has a real place in San Mateo, different in a great way and I feel like it will be welcomed with open arms.

What differentiates Osteria Coppa from other Italian Restaurants in the area is the farm-to-table style they are maintaining on the daily. With a constantly revolving menu, using only the fresh and sustainable from nearby, this is a winner with the healthy and fit-for-foodie crowd.

We started the meal out by sharing the Margherita Pizza and the Artichokes (side-dish)–both wonderful. With help of the owner(s) we selected a bottle of the La Spinetta Ca’ Di Pian, Barbera d’Asti, Piedmont 07, a great compliment to all of our main courses. I, personally, had the Meatballs della casa with Dirty Girl Farms cauliflower and young broccoli– SUPER great and big enough that it’s almost a meal for two! Everyone else seemed to enjoy their dishes as well, leaving not much on our plates when finished (always a sign of yum, yum food).

Don’t wait long before making your opentable reservations for dinner at this new spot you’re sure to enjoy!

Note: Outdoor, patio dinning available while the good weather lasts!

Brendan Aiello

NEW MLS Search Feature on

So, if you haven’t noticed we added a pretty cool new area onto On the right sidebar beneath our “Featured Listings” we added a “Local Real Estate For Sale” almost every city in the Peninsula is currently setup with “pre-fabed” searches for each city. We established three common price ranges to make searching easier for you.

With these property profiles (for every home on MLS) we tried to include every piece of information that we are allowed to give the public access to. So you may find that our site as more information than other sites with similar features.  So if you do find that you like our site for finding homes as you’re driving around. Go to, type in the address followed by “Team Tapper” and click the first thing on Google’s list and all the information for that listing will be right there in front of you!

Click request a showing, request more information, etc. and it will send us all casino spiele the information to our cell phones and a team tapper agent will contact you as soon as possible to setup a showing.

Pretty cool, huh?

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Brendan Aiello

Bay Area Hike #1 – Larry Lane Trail in Portola Valley, CA

With the nice summer weather finally here. My girlfriend and I decided that we would start hiking local trails in the area. While Sawyer Camp Trail is very beautiful and a perfect place to walk, we decided for a change in scenery.

With a quick Google search, I found to be a great resource for anyone wanting to hike the bay area. After clicking around we decided to start our trekking at the Larry Lane Trail in Portola Valley (Click Here to View the Trail Profile). Open to equestrians and hikers this trail as a gradual elevation change and under a 4 mile round trip distance. With the mild nature of this trail I would recommend it to almost anyone.

When driving up Sand Hill Road / Portola Valley Road, keep a keen lookout for Hayfields Road as it is very easy to pass. Driving up Hayfields Road you will see a wood post that says “Larry Lane Trail” a few feet before that is a turnout that is to be used for parking for 2-3 cars.

This trail is mainly used by locals whom have houses that backup to the trail. All of which we encountered were very  nice and accepting to have us on their trail. Almost at the end of trail there is a lovely shaded area with hitching posts and picnic tables.

Only a few hundred more feet will lead you to the end of the trail where you will find a bench that looks out to the peninsula/south bay with astounding views!