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The Number, "4" is Unlucky to Many Buyers!

Hey Nancy,

Thanks for your comments. And yes, I am aware of that number “9” and “8” are being considered lucky numbers. That’s why you will find that there is a website called and a grocery store chain named Ranch 99 in the Bay Area. As for number “8”, many friends of mine have several 8s in their cell phone number. And I myself was kind of happy when I was assigned two 8s in my cell number. That is (650) 922-8028. As for number “6”, I have yet to learn more about it.

Thanks again,

The Number, "4" is Unlucky to Many Buyers!

Thank you for the comment. I am with you. I would not count it out because of a number either. But, it is anther factor to think about.

– Shu