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About me: Hi, I’m Brendan Aiello. I was born and raised here on the Peninsula. I have been surrounded by Real Estate my whole life. My family is comprised of Real Estate Brokers (Peter Aiello & Theresa Aiello), Property Managers, Developers, and Contractors. I have always wanted to follow in my family's footsteps and be involved in the local Peninsula Real Estate. I am now a proud second generation Peninsula Realtor ready to serve. Living in a very tech-savvy area of the country has influenced me to become involved with computers from an early age. I'm lucky to have found my own niche in the Real Estate industry that interests me-- the technology & marketing behind Real Estate sales. Whether it is enhancing my ability to communicate or my ability to market my client’s listings - technology enables me to give my clients properties “Maximum Exposure”. Whether you are thinking of buying or selling, please give me a call.

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It's impossible to under price your home!


Thanks so much for commenting to this blog post. Your home could of been overpriced but marketing also comes into effect too. If no one saw your home, then who knows if it was priced right.

Question how much to price your home? Find an agent with a good marketing plan that you trust. Then price your home ridculously below the market rate. You should get multiple offers many being near the actual “market price” of the home.


Should I Counter A Low Ball Offer?

@Max – yes, it’s not as obvious as one would think. Thanks for commenting on the post!

@Retta – yes when buying a car they say to try avoid getting emotional. But when buying a house it’s hard not getting emotional. By the time the buyer is making an offer they are usually dreaming about how they are going to use the property.

Who Has The Best Pizza on The SF Peninsula?

Hi Trish,

I will send you an email regarding your comment. Management was notified in the form of a traditional letter, and yes there will be a best pizza competition again next year and other voting style posts coming soon!


Burger Joint on Burlingame Avenue!

Yes, I believe they are still waiting on it. Must be having troubles with the city. I actually haven’t been back since I wrote this review. Seems like gourmet burgers have been a growing trend in the bay area so I have been trying out other various new “burger joints”.

Sawyer Camp Trail in San Mateo County

Hey Ed,

Thanks for coming by and checking out the blog! Luckily, I’ve only seen deer.

Thank you for the great tip on the water fountain. I usually stop at the 3, 3.5, or the 4 mile mark. But if I ever take my bike out there that water fountain will definitely come in handy!


Sawyer Camp Trail in San Mateo County

Hey Jolio,

Thank you so much for the compliment on my picture; I took it myself with a old crummy camera. There are toilets there, just no water. Camelback backpacks and other water bottles designed for running.

Although they don’t offer camping there is great picnic areas to enjoy a pre-packed lunch!


Parkside Neighborhood Information!


Yes, San Mateo (& the rest of the peninsula) is a very unique place. So, prices haven’t suffered too much. However, they are way below normal. So there are TONS of great buys out there right now.

However, there is a buzz out there and tons of houses in the pending status. So once that those houses go to the sold status. The market will show signs of rebound, causing people to snatch up deals before prices raise again.

In short, I don’t see the prices going down anymore. I see in the very near future, median prices sold going up.

For More Info, check out our Monday Real Estate Reports!


Huge Spike in Pocket Listings!

Hi Daniel,

Glad you agree with the second paragraph of this post…? But, with recent improvements to stock market numbers and seeing my own investments grow there seem to be just as many pocket listings that are not on the MLS but many more buyers. Recent signs of an improving economy have people feeling the time to buy is now.


Who Has The Best Pizza on The SF Peninsula?

Hey Everyone,

Thank you so much for voting but the results are in! The winner is… Toto’s Pizzeria! I will be contacting their management in the coming days to present the 2009 Team Tapper Best Pizza of The Peninsula Plaque!

Thank you to all the voters and runners up!


2009 San Mateo Central Park Music Series

Hey Bass,

It is a really great concert; arguably one of the best events in San Mateo. I look forward to it every year.


What is a "Pocket Listing"?


I completely agree. However, in certain circumstances pocket listings work for certain individuals. For example, some people are very private about their business and don’t want people to know their house is for sale until it is sold. Another reason is some people simply know they overpricing their home and wish to “chase the market” this usually results in tons of “Days on Market”. By chasing the market off MLS the DOM rating is more or less hidden from the buyer (unless their agent knows how long it has been available).


Who Has The Best Pizza on The SF Peninsula?

Hi “Anonymous”,
First off, I was wrong to blame management without proof. However, I can trace the IP address up to a few addresses away. It so happens that one of the addresses is one of the pizza place’s in question and it’s also interesting how you (the person commenting) is coming from that same IP address.

I also did a little detective work and searched for the email address provided from your comment and found a name. I then called corporate and that person/you are listed as an employee.

Secondly, the rules were explained first hand in the body of this post. “Please only vote once!” I had everyone on the honor system because I didn’t think cheating would be an issue. I now have cookies and IPs blocked from same parties for a given amount of time.

Furthermore, I don’t mind employees voting. But as rules say, vote once not 300+ times.

Lastly, If you wanted your story to add up you should of covered your tracks more and also made it a little less obvious. Considering there was about 1 comment per every 20 votes before. Don’t you think if someone who loved the company in question’s pizza so much they would have left a comment about why they loved it so much. I mean that person/you voted for the place 300+ times over several hours, why not post why they like the pizza so much.

By the way, we were all just having fun. All though I went Sherlock Holmes on you, it doesn’t mean I’m mad. Thank you for stopping by and having so much pride in your company. But please, respect the integrity of this competition.

Who Has The Best Pizza on The SF Peninsula?

Okay, Management of Pizza Companies…

I can see each one of you is cheating/manipulating the results by voting from the same internet connection repeatedly. I can see the IP Addresses! If you seriously have a designated computer setup at your restaurant that visitors can use that is okay. But I would have to come by and verify. Give me a call if this is the case.

If not, votes from the same IP addresses WILL NOT BE COUNTED!

-Brendan Aielllo

Who Has The Best Pizza on The SF Peninsula?

Hey Eli,

Thanks for the comment and recommendation! I just added Speederia to the list! Both to vote on and for me to try!


Who Has The Best Pizza on The SF Peninsula?

I must admit I am a Windy City Fan too!! Thats who took my vote. I also like Mr. Pizza Man but only their South San Francisco location. I love the by-the-slice drive through.

My pizza of choice is BBQ Chicken at either of my top too!

2009 San Mateo Central Park Music Series

Hey William,

Thanks a bunch – you can also find my work at
-Brendan Aiello
.-= Brendan Aiello´s last blog ..1276 Crompton Road – Redwood City, CA =-.

One of San Mateo’s Best Kept Secrets!

Hey Jack!

Awesome, glad our pictures sparked your hunger. Dave and I went on strict diets, so unfortunately no eating out for a while.


Good News On All Statuses!

Hi Asiago,

The statistics are the way they are because my father has been pulling the same consistent statistics for the past 20+ years. These are simply his statistics shared with the world.

However, your comment is partially right. Some of the pending sales are a result stricter loan requirements and other factors causing longer escrows. However, I wouldn’t call the information “misleading” because they are correct they predicted higher Closed Sales. Sales are up this year from the same time last year, nothing is misleading about that.

-Brendan Aiello

Monday Mid-Peninsula Market Reports

Hey Timm,

Yes, I believe in 30-90 days we will see closed sales rise.

Stay tuned,


The Encouraging News Continues!

Thank you Sheila,

We are trying to be encouraging but at the same time we are not trying to create a hype – just facts.


I’m selling and buying, what should I do first?

Hi Matthew,

Thanks! It is not our intention to ad advertisements to the blog. Our goal is to provide great information to the community while creating a high traffic site to give our clients listings great maximum exposure.


Cashin Company Realtors: Selling Northern California's Finest Properties!

Thanks Chris,

Don’t forget to signup for email updates or add us to your RSS reader!


Pricing Your Home To Sell!

Hey Dave,

Great post topic! I think this is one of the largest problems that Realtors face with their sellers. What most sellers don’t understand is that it is crucial to price your home from the very first day on the market because it is overpriced then reduced buyers have a sense of what the home isn’t worth.

-Brendan Aiello

Sprinkles Cupcakes Opens in Stanford Shopping Center

Hi iLinda!

It’s not “our” shop. But I go there enough that I should own stock in the company.

I am currently having a “chocolate marshmallow” craze; they are like luxurious hostess ding-dongs. :)

-Brendan Aiello

May Events in Hillsborough, San Mateo, & Burlingame

Hello There,

It’s no problem at all! Did anyone make it to the Hillsborough Concours D’Elegance? I was showing property and was unable to make it. This is the first time in years I haven’t gone. It was raining in the morning, so I was curious on the turnout. If you went, please let me know how it was.