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Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants. The 2010 World Series Champions!
Wow, being a San Francisco Native, I have never been so proud. All the heartaches from the loses to both the Oakland A”s in 1989 and then the Angels in the 2002 World Series make this Championship so much sweeter. I”m not including the 1962 loss to the New York Yankees because I was only 1 years old.
Edgar Renteria was the MVP of the World Series with home runs in two of pokies online the games, and batted over 400. Many fans including myself have complained how the Giants overpaid for Renteria two years ago when they offered him a two year deal for $18,000,000. Well that investment paid off last night. Big time!
This was truly a team win. Home grown talent from the drafting of these kids to adding a few misfits here and there made up the Champions. The pitching, from the starters to the bullpen pitched outstanding.
I think one of the big reasons the Giants won was because they were in a playoff mode since late August. Trailing the San Diego Padres for almost the entire season and then also fighting off the Colorado Rockies really prepared the team for the playoffs.
There will be a parade tomorrow, November 3rd 2010 honoring the Giants that will go down market street and end at Civic Center. 

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